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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Baack in theeee country :)

Huhuuuuuuu my Sweeties ;)
Yeah the Nutella- Girliiie is back with some rather not so sweeeeeet news, but also with many wonderful memories to spread :) 
The kind of fucking thing is: I have a cold :S and by saying this, I mean a truly annoying and unpleasant one ... Like sneezing and coughing all the time and it all started with kind of a sore throat :( but no matter, this only started on the day before we went home from IRELAND!!!!!!!! ;) 

So many many impressions and moments which should be memorized in my brain <3 
I thought about sharing a few of them with you, if you would be interested in seeing them ;) 
On Tuesday we went from Memmingen (which is such a cute small airport really near to my home) to Shannon (which is also such a mini one haha :)) there my auntie Tina picked us up and we drove together to Galway, where we slept in such a cute little winkled B & B ;) after a little stroll at Salthill, the beach promenade, in the evening and the next morning we went in the main shopping street and went into such a cool pub, where we had Guinness and Cider and also live music was playing ;)
A great evening full of impressions *_* Hahaaa but now lets face it: The weather :S of course by traveling to Ireland you shouldn't expect too much of it, but it rained down so much this day :S really foggy and wet :S but no matter!!!! We went shopping and then drove along to county Sligo where my aunt and her family live next to a cute little town called Tubbercurry :) The next day we planned a tour to mums favorite place on the green isle ;) a peninsula that is called Achill island up in the north west ;) so the weather wasn't too bad this day we drove there and stopped by Westport for lunch and strolling through some cute shops ;) so in the afternoon we drove the Atlantic drive on Achill and stopped at the most beautiful beach on earth: KEEM BAY ;) afterwards we also saw the Deserted Village and Keel :) so impressive always again and again ;) 

So the next morning it again rained down :) but never the less, we drove to Sligo in a shopping center and a quick look at the shopping street there ;) and in the afternoon we were invited at a friend of Tina who lives at such an impressive place on the foot of the Benbulben ;) we had cake and coffee there and a great talk with them ;) 
The next day we actually planned to meet Emily, which I actually told you about with excitement, but unfortunately she told me the day before she was feeling unwell and won´t be able to travel up to visit us :S This was really sad for me to hear...... but for sure her well-being is first!!!!! So we switched our planned tour around and went to Enniscrown, a large, so beautiful beach and after a stop at the beach bar, we came to Strandhill ;) where we went into such a cute ice cream shop to outwit the upcoming wind and rain ;) 

Oh and then the next day it already was time to leave.... :( we had to get up at 05.30 and started our drive to Dublin ;) after some funny airport shopping our plane took off the irish ground at 12.15 :( bye bye ireland we had a wonderful time with you ;) so thanks for having us xxxxxxxxxxxx <3 thanks for everybody who made this trip to such a great experience in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Getting ready to board ? :)

Heyheyheeeeeeey my deaaaars ;) *_*

Today are the first day now of my leaaaave from work ;) haha yes I desperately waited for this daaay ;) Yes: I AM GOING TO IRELAND on this day ;) 

How much have I been looking forward to this? ;) Awww, I simply love this little green isle *_* even though the weather forecast isn´t tooooooo good, rather cool and not really sunny :S I still keep my pre-excitement up ;) 

So I am so glad to fly there, because I haven´t been there, since 2013 when everything started and I became ill :S The plan is that we will fly to Shannon and my auntie Tina will pick us up there and we will spend one day in Galway then ;) stay at a B&B there and afterwards head up to Tubbercurry where they live ,) can´t wait to be there again, as I always used to love it since I was little *_*
So we will see what things we will doooooo, hopefully we will have a trip to Achill Island and visite one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for me :D and also I will let myself be surprised of what else we will doooooo ;) 
And on saturdaaaay, you might also all know her from leaving such cute comments on my blog ;): Emmmmmmmmmmily will especially for me take the train from her hometown to come up to Sligo ;) isn't this mega mega exciting ;) we got in contact through blogging and since then we stayed in contact so often and helped each other in many many ways and through some hard times ;) So believe me, this meeting will be so coooooooool ;) *_* 

Sooo much for now, now we are heading to the Airport in Memmingen and then up to Shannon *_* ah soooo excited for the moment ;) 
Lots of loooove to all of you and i also wish you a nice holiday if you have one ;) xxxxxxxxxxx