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Thursday, January 14, 2016

A friend is one who overlooks the your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden :) *_*

Heeeeeeeyhoooo my cuuties :-*
How ya doin? ;) Puh for myself this is a good question ;) It is a very confusing week for many of us at the clinic at the moment and I think I definitively have to keep going for more ;) otherwise I will stay in here like forever and this is something I absolutely don´t plan to dooo...... :S 
So now I increased my meal sizes to all meals (brekkie, lunch and dinner) to 150% and also yesterday I had my first cake in between the meal times and this evening 175% for dinner :S 
But what I actually wanted to dedicate this post to is: The lovely lovely other inpatients and now friends I made here in the clinic :) Believe me guys, having someone who gives you a lift on your way is really priceless :)
 I never really noticed this, but doing new steps along the way with other truly supporting people and motivating other ones, means so much to me at the moment ;) It pushes me forward and not lets me stand stuck at one place :) So on the one hand my family is my rock to lean and build on and on the other hand I now experienced how much different it is to know to get some support from friends ;) who have to go the same way as you do and still have enough power to help you back on track or push you away from your illness ;) 
So to everybody in the clinic who is reading this: I am so so thankful for all of your constant support and all of the kicks away from this stupid illness :S

LIFE offers so much more than the constant circle of thoughts about food ;) 

But alsooo a thing which I experienced massively here in the clinic is: who are your real friends and care for you and who is like many other people only a person who once had contact to you and pretended to be your friend :) So seeing who is here for me even in the darker times of life is so important for me to discover and uncover ;) because those are the real people who I wanna keep in my future life :) So thank you so so much to all of you who really are here for me at the moment ;) LOVE U so much <3
Thursday, January 7, 2016


Huuuuuhuuuu my bees :)
I wish you with all my <3 a happy new year full of so many many perspectives *_*

I celebrated New Year´s Eve here in the clinic with a lot of other lovely inpatients :) we reeeeeeaallly had very very much fun despite being inpatient :) 

Did you guys actually made a list with things you wanna achieve in 2016? =) Well, to be honest at first I didn´t want to do something like this, but thinking about it in detail, I realized it probably makes me more motivated to reach out for some of these goals if I concretize them ;) 
So this is the reason why I wrote some of my goals for 2016 in words down in my notebook ;) 
  • Getting out of hospital with a healthy and motivated state of mind and a normal-sized body
  • Making a trip on my own (for learning to be peace with myself) -> maybe also doing a job or term abroad (but this needn´t has to be realized in 2016)
  • Going to Disneyland with my lovely blogging gal Emmy (you can have a look at her blog here:
  • Finally deciding what my future career or job desire will be (I am not really sure if I will continue my studies for becoming a teacher)
  • Making up with some friends and surround myself with many of the beautiful people I truly love<3 
  • Taking up some new hobbies :) Don´t actually know right now which ones, but hopefully I will be able to find something to enjoy ;) 
And for everything else I simply will let the year begin and wait what for what it actually offers myself ;) 

Buuuuut to keep myself motivated day by day again and again I noticed listening to some fast and good- mood music is the beeeest way to make boring and depressing daaays speed up a little bit :
At the moment I loooove listening to Macklemore ;) Especially Irish Celebration, but also Can´t Hold Us and Thrift Shop are the best way to make me sing along and doing crazy faces :) This tip was just an addition to the actual post, just because I was in the mood of writing this ouuuut for everyone who is struggling :) 
Loooove u all way sooo much :)