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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What actually is typical German food? (Hihiii only in my opinion and in the cliches:D)

So because I think combining the general German lifestyle and food in one post would get a liiiiiiittle bit too long, I decided to split it up and simply begin with writing about what I think is typical German food ;) Of course this is not what everyone believes in, but it´s just my opinion and you have to remember, that I am from Bavaria, in the south and we eat so many different foodies as they probably do in the north :)hope you are okay with me only writing about those things I knooow or also maybe eat ;) But I think anyway this post is going to get a little bit longer ... ;) Don´t quite know with which one to start :S

Buuuut no problem, I definitively will start with one of those foods, that helped me soooo much loosing my anxiety of breads and carbs :) it really played/and still plays such a huuuge enormous role in my recovery (because I nearly eat it every evenig as „Brotzeit“ (means dinner). It is typical Bavarian and is my „Brezel“/Pretzel... ;) We usually combine it with fresh creamy butter, but you can nearly grease it with everything like ham or cheese ;) whatever you liiike ;) I loooove it so much, because in my opinion it tastes so much better than a normal bun or something like that ;)

Brezel & Weißwurst & Sweet Mustard

Soooo to combine the Brezel you could also use something very very Bavarian: Like I´ve mentioned in my last post: A „Weißwurst“ or „Leberkäse“.  The first one is kind of  a sausage and it is really common in this area that you eat these with a sweet mustard and a Pretzel for second breakfast :D Of course this is not practiced so much often, rather on festivities ;) 

Brezel & Leberkäse & Mustard

So you could enjoy the Weißwurst, as well as the Leberkäse (which is a somewhat thicker kind of wurst) very well at evening or for lunch for example on a bun, too) 

On the left is Sauerkraut and the
Wiener Schnitzel 

We also eat a lot of meat and other sausages, too ;) like "Wiener Schnitzel"(which is an allover breaded piece of pork) or "Currywurst"(a sliced sausage spiced and covered with curry ketchup), which are also often combined with "Sauerkraut" (sour cabbage) or other yuuummi things... ;)

Pichelsteiner (looks not so deeeli,
but believe me it is good:)
Theeeen to continue I would choooose some meals with potatoes, because we use to cook many of our meals with them ;) So something typical is „Kartoffelsalat“ (potato salad) which is available with many different dressings like mayonnaise or oil ;) and they are as well as other dishes with potatoes like „Bratkartoffeln“ (roasted potatoes in a pan) or mashed potatoes easy to be served as a side dish with sausages or everything you crave for ;) I really enjoy having them also in a meal, which is called Pichelsteiner Eintopf (which I actually just had a few minutes ago for lunch) ;) It simply is a typical stew made from various kind of meats and vegetables :) By times I find it nooow so much easier to eat it again, because while ED I was soo scared of all the carbs and the meat, that I refused to eat it ;) but nooot now!!! I am in recovery and not giving in!!!! ;)

Sooo what else is typical here? Something else you might not really know are „Kässpätzle/Spätzle“ ;) This is nooot easy to describe :S hmm I don´t actually know how, but they are kind of egg noodles and can be eaten as a side dish with meat or „Kässpätzle“ are  served with melted cheese and onions ;) believe me, they are still a little bit sort of a fear food, but eating them will get less anxiety as well I think ;) 

But in Germany we do not only eat  those massive and hearty things like it maybe seems by listing them ;) We also have lots of sweet specialities, which I definitively prefer (just by the way):
First of all there exists the „Dampfnudel“ (or if you want to fill it with jam: „Germknödel“), a so called steam noodle, sort of white, sweet bread roll eaten usually with vanilla custard. Reaaaally yummi, my Granny often used to make them for us, when we were little ;) I always enjoyed those days when she invited us for lunch to have Dampfnudeln ;)

Another speciality, I already mentioned in my recent posts , is the gingerbread („Lebkuchen“): It is usually eaten at the time around christmas and includes a huuuuge variety of different spices and flavours such as honey, ginger, cinnamon, nuts and almonds,.... ;) really always reminds me of christmas time *_* For christmas we Germans also loooove to bake so many different types of cookies: Traditional goods are for example „Vanillekipferl, Zimtsterne, Nugattaler, Butterplätzchen, Dominosteine,....“

Prinzregententorte *amaaaaaazing*isn´t it?
Ooooooooh nearly I forgot to mention all the beeeeautiful cakes we share ;) They are huuuge, believe me.. :D
So there is for example the „Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte“, probably known to you as Black Forest Cake, consisting of several layers of chocolate cake combined with cherries and cream ;) I am not such a huuge fan of it, but so many people love it =) I rather prefer cakes like our „Prinzregententorte (a Bavarian cake consisting of at least 6 layers of sponge cake with buttercream and chocolate *_*), Sachertorte, Donauwelle, Bienenstich, Kuchen.... ;) Omg so hard to stop talking about all those yuuuuummi things ;)

But I think/hope you now got a little bit more info about what is typical German in my eyes ;)

Hahaaa I hope you didn´t get bored while reading ;) I am really really looking forward to get to know your opinion about the foods ;) and I would also be very interested in hearing, wheter you know our foods in your countries ;) Aaaand of course my brave warriors, I would love to get your opinion about the taste of the foods ;) I simply mean, if you think if you would like to try some of them... ;)
Hope you all have a looooovely week ;) Love u all so muuuch :-*

Oh by the way I nearly forgot: Nutella is typical German, too;) Hahaaa
Friday, November 21, 2014

Raaaandom post I think :)

Buuuuuuuenas noches mis amigoooos ;)
Hahaaa as you definitively can (and will) see, I practiced over 3 hours of Spanish today in university :) :D 
Hoy he tenido un día agotador en la universidad ;) Aaaaabsolutely no idea if this is anyway correct, but in fact it just means I had a long day at my uni ;) Sooo didn´t actually do anything very special, exept having lessons in  Spanish, German and a subject which is called MuD ;) Eaaating out went hoooonestly well, because I literally (which really thrills me so much :)) was able to eat my morning snack consisting of two Mars bars and then for lunch my Mum came to our Mensa and we ate together ;) I am so thankful she is doing that, because this can´t be taken as an obvious thing, just because I still fight against my ED ;) She is always there for me ;) 
Omg *_* and then something strange (for me) happened: I read all dishes of the meal plan and had a look at them and decideeed for a chicken breast which is coated with breadcrumbs :S Ohh Miss Mager would have killed me, if she still would be that strong as she had been in June/July or the last months actually :) I was so glad believe me and I was happy to hear my mum was too ;) 

Yeah I know I promised to as soon as possible bring up a post about the typical German food and lifestyle, and I am already writing on it, buuuut today I didn´t get it ready to post but I hopefully will be soon ;) So I just thought writing a little bit of my day wouldn´t mind ;) hope you still are inteeeerested ;) 
Nooow I am going to have some dinner, let´s see what to prepare and afterwards I am planning to go with my sister and her friends to a club nearby ;) Let´s see how it is there, because I have never been there before, but surely it will be funny in some way ;) BEAT MISS MAGER´S ASS! Never stop ;) Wish you a lovely weekend my lovelies ;) 
Divertimos mucho en el fin de la semana ;)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gaining weight is not so simple as it sounds :° but Christmas feelings ON ;)

Hallöööööchen ihr Lieben ;) 
(means: Helloooo my lovelies :))
Hope you are all doing well and I am sure you always keep to my advice of daily eating Nutella right? :D ^^
Here in Germany the weather today is sooooo grey, and I absoluuuutely don´t like it :( makes me feeling sooo tired anyway ;) but of course not tired to give up, but I also noticed in the last few days, that I have to take more and more changes in order to succeed in recovery.. :( you can´t stop at that hill your climbing :( your daily routines, constantly have to be builded and increased ;) otherwise I will be stuck and I don´t know what to do then.. :( this just can´t happen !!!! I have to do more! Kick this stupid thing :)
And for that I just wanted to put myself in a little more christmassy (don´t know if this word exists :D) feeling ;) 
Aaaaaaaaaah isn´t that a cute snack? Who would´t love it? I only know one person: MISS MAGER and she should simply shout up :)
OMG I think I am crazy for christmas today :)
So now I am going to listen to some christmas songs ;) haha only joking :D

Consitis of a soooo cute gingerbread and 3 "Zimtsterne" (tastes like gingerbread a little bit with a real cinnamon explosion in your mouth^^and on top there is some kind of sweet frosting) honestly something I craved for today ;) and the special thing for me is, that it made me feel proud and good and not hating myself for it ;) 
Hope you keep your battles also on and don´t get stuck ;) believe me the feeling of having a failure is so worse :( 
By the way do you have any topic suggestions? Because I don´t want you to get boooored ;) so if you wanna know something about me or recovery in general or everything you are interested, simply write meeee =) would love to read more of you, because I am such a curious person hihiii :-*

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Panic :(

Heeeeeeeeeeeelp :( 
Today is weight in at my doctor and I am sooooo nervous :( you can´t imagine guuuys :( 
but I honestly try to get rid of the number :( only if I forget about it, the weight gain will work :) and it has to increase! 
Hopefully everything is okay, also in relation to my blood results :) sooo I am really nervous now :( 
Wish me luck :)
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kick her ass :D

Hey sweeties :)
How are you all doing? :)
Sooo I think this post is going to be a kind of: I just want to tell the world what (often very stupid:D) stuff I am doing and thinking all day :) 
Who of you knows this kind of new single of Nickelback: "What are you waiting for"? I absolutely love this song at the moment and it gives me so much inspiration :) because what am I actually waiting forward? For better times without my ED to come? :) Of course this would be silly, so why not going higher? :) There is no reason holding anything back... :( 
Also I am such a huuuuge fan of the song "I lived" by One Republic, because it also shows me, that as long as I am in this stage of my illness, I can´t say at the end of my life, that I actually lived :( spending the whole summer at home or in a clinic or not being able to meet with friends, travel or do other crazy stuff... :( Is my desire of thinness so worth that? :( NO DEFINITIVELY NOT

Soooo resulting to stuff like this I yeeeesterday officially made a scratch of my fear food list again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Say Goodbye to: Wiener Schnitzel :)
Yeeeah, the situation yesterday was like that: My grandma got 75 years and she runs a little german restaurant/pub :) she always cooks very very much and hearty :) so in my worst episode I would never ever have
touched anything of those things, but I planned to try it, because I wanted to show that I can become a normal girl again :) and I did it :) Oh you guuuys can´t imagine how happy I was afterwards :) Don´t know why, but it was like so tasty and worth eating it :) I momentaneously try to outwit myself a little bit by trying out many different things and I hoooope so much it gets better and easier by doing it :) Wish me luck :) 

Another thing I did/am currently doing to motivate myself a little bit is, I rearranged my room :) Anyway I always thought I am not really such a creative and imaginative type of person, but by doing things like this I notice it makes me feel happy and helps me staying motivated in recovery :) So I decided to move the furniture a little bit and now I am able to look out of my window every morning when I wake up, which is really really nice and I like it :) I also wanted to rearrange my stuff, because so many perspectives in my room reminded me of my worst stage in ED :( at this time I always wanted to simply be alone in my room without anyone to talk to... :(I never want to have that again: Sooooooooooo my lovelies: Time for a change! LET IT HAPPEN! You won´t regret it :) believe me, I love the way my room looks now, completely different, but beautiful and perfect for my new me!
Should I post a picture of it? Would you be interested in the way it looks now? :)

I wish you all a lovely week and keep on eating your Nutella, never ever forget it! 
(PS: I did decorate one of my shelves with an empty jar of Nutella to always remind me of my lifesaver) :)
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Favorite Foods :)

Hellooo my loveliiiies :-*
How are youuu doing? =) I know I won't probably get so much feedback on this post, but I would be soooo interested what your favorite food is :) so I mean, the most delicious snack or simply something you always enjoy eating so much :) hahaa I am so interested in this topic, because I love to go food shopping (of course shopping in general, too :)) in different countries, for example when I am spending my holidays or time there :) 
So I think in Italy, they have greeeeat cookies and delicious desserts such as Panna Cotta (which I haven´t eaten for aaaages now, because of my anxiety:() or in Great Britain I looooooooooove to go to Tesco (omg *_* it is like food heaven), or in Ireland the Super Valu and in the USA I discovered Walmart as such a paradise for sweet things :) When I was there last year I absolutely could´t believe what kind of variety they offer to their visitors ;) but already last year I now have the feeling my ED started, because I only rarely offered myself such things as the different flavors of Ben & Jerrys or the divine desserts/muffins/cookies/cakes/sandwiches/drinks or meals they sell :( and this really makes me feel sad thinking about :( because I am now asking myself, WHY the hell did I ban them from my eating:(  
I am now really really looking forward to your response ;) what is so special in your country? =) 

buuuuuuuut what they sell in every country all over the world (I think/hope :D) is my loooooovely and yummy Nutella :)
Hahaa have a nice week you guys :) 
Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do you f** really want to let your ED kill yourself?

Halliiiihallooooo :)
Toooday I am quite feeling a little bit sentimental, because I watched a few pics with my mum, which we took over the last year (2014) :( So my phone really kind of documents the whole stages of my illness and my recovery :( it is always so shockingly for us all to see to which point I was able to bring myself down :( can´t really believe how someone is so close to death without even noticing or trying to change something about it... :( and exactly this was me/or actually Miss Mager in May, June and the beginning of July... :( how did I bring myself to such a low point .. =( I hope nobody of you likes what I share with you now, because otherwise you are on the wrong page :(  I never ever in life want to go back to that point again in my life.. :( it destroyed so much...
So this is a picture of me, which I actually feel sooooo much ashamed to publish :( but I think it maybe motivates some of you to go on and never get to such a low point :( this is such an awful one... :( hate it....
Buuuut then in the afternooooooon, I for the first time, since nearly two years (because last winter and christmas I didm´t ate only one of them) I had my first "Lebkuchen" gingerbread in little pieces :) Omg they were so cute and I enjoyed eating them so much *_* missed it reaaaaally:)
Have a look how cuuuuute they are:

So you guys, I wish you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy it :) today I am going to go out with a few girls, and I am reaaaaallly really looking forward to having a bit of fun ;)
how are you all spending your free day? =) Would love to