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Friday, April 14, 2017

Eastertime in Germany and everywhere ;) *_*

Haaaaappy Springtime everyooone :) *_*

Actually the weather this weekend shouldn´t even be that nice, but in the last week it just was so much like spring and all the nature seems to come back to life again ;) Ahh i absolutely love this so much ;) also the days are getting longer and brighter again which really boosts my mood up ;) So far so gooood, what´s on right now? 

-> The answer is: Easter is just around the corner and today we have the "Karfreitag" (Good Friday in english i think:D) But i recently asked myself, is easter really celebrated 
everywhere in the world? Because it actually just is a christian holiday, or am i wrong
? ;) 

Selfmaaade ;) 
So i used my good old friend Google for help :DDD and so i came up to the funniest easter traditions :D because whereas here in Germany it is totally common and normal that the easter bunny brings us eggs in a easter basket, this is seen in other countries as absolutely crazy and confusing ;) because what has a rabbit to do with eggs?? :) especially if they are coloured or out of chocolate? :S SO you see here in Germany the kids get cute little baskets on easter day which are said to be delivered from the easter bunny itself and being hidden in the garden for the kids to search them ;) but not also those baskets are prepared for easter in Germany, each family creates and decorates a braided basket with a self-baked cake-lamb, some (maybe self-colored easter eggs-> haha i also coloured a few yesterday), a loaf of bread, some salt, and an easter candle for letting them consecrate in church on easter day ;) I think this is a really typical tradition here in Germany :) also the houses are decorated with many cute little easter eggs, hens, chickens, rabbits, spring flowers :) 

Time for my belooooved cat ;) BOBBEL B :) 

But some other very funny traditions i read about was the herring funeral in Ireland or the water shower in poland ;) i even don´t know if they are really common, but it was so funny to read about those as well ;) So on Good Friday today we do not eat any meat ;) so there is fish for lunch, but many people also go the traditional Kässpätzle essen ;) 
Sooo but now enough theory about all those festivities, now you know how to celebrate it, so lets do it hahaa just joking ;) I wish everyone of you a wonderful, relaxed, less troubled easter weekend and a lot of free time for your beloved ones ;) xxxxxx 
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The ultimative Schnaaaapszahl 22 :)

Huhuuuuuuuuu Sweeties :) 

Oh yeeees just as the topic itself saaaays, I am officially 22 now :) OMG what an old aage right? :D
Noo of course not ;) I truly can tell you it was such a special day for me ;) And all in all it especially were the right people who made it as wonderful as it could even be for me ;) 
Soooo on the 29th i had taken a leave of absence from work and been woken up by my cat Bobbel actually quiet early ;) It was like he would know it was my birthday, because he often jumped into my bed when i was younger, but since last year never made it anymore ;) and on this daaay he jumped next to me and started cuddling :D it was sooo cute *_* 

Looooook what a cuuuute chocolate 
Nuuuutella Cake my mammy made for me *_* heaven as you can guess :D

All my presents hehe ;) 
So afterwards i made breakfast and received some sweet presents like a handbag, a jewelry for my pandora bracelet, colors for painting, a parfum, some clothes i had already chosen and some sweeeeeets ;) After that me and mum made our way to Augsburg to a clothes shopping center, which kind of has aaaaaaaall sorts and brands of clothes ;) Wow it was so big and i truly fell for it in a true euphoria hahaaaa :) I bought a some jackets, shirts, earrings, a sun glass and and and..... :S it was so fun ;) and so expensive in the end... :D 
For lunch we went for a place which offers "running sushi" you know this? Hahaa no it is not running after a sushi piece, it more is like a flow belt which again and again passes you table with all kind of different asian dishes and sushis :) each one on little cute plates you can take from it and eat ;) we booked all you can eat and it was just so nice :) and especially guessing which food is what was fun ;) because many of the chinese foods are so uncommon here as well ;) 

So and in the evening we had some relatives and friends at our house here and it was also such a lovely way to finish this very special day for me ;) And another thing which made it such a wonderful day, that i was so surprised of how many people sent me their congrats :) there were like over 65 people sending me a message and this made me feel somehow special and i loved it :) Sorry hehe :) I feel so happy about this day all in all ;) Thanks to everyone who made it as lovely as it was :) xxxxx all the best to you ;)