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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Typical Germanish thingiiiiiies *_*

Hellooooou my honeys *_* 
I know every native english speaking person now may thinks I am weird or I can´t speak any proper English according to the heading of this post ;) buuuuuut haha be sure, I know that these words doesn´t really exist in that form, I just wanted to go on a little bit as some of you suggested to me to write a little bit more about our German culture or typical German things :) 
So I decided today to maybe clear up about some well known widespread clichés which are existing about us Germans :) 
  • OMG *_* we are always and constantly eating Weißwurst, Wurst(sausage), Fleisch, Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat, Brezen, Brot(bread), Leberkäse, drinking Bier(beer) and sitting in the Biergarten (beer garden?)! Haahaa this is so funny in my opinion, because everyone thinks we are doing this all the time, but this is just as so many other things happening to mostly special occasions or really not just all the time ;) of course everyone by times enjoys having a beer or sit together with others outside a restaurant and enjoying food and drinks, bu this is just a part of our culture and I really must say I really like it by times as well, as it is always so much fun having it ;)
  • So it is as well with going into a Bierzelt or a Volksfest like the Oktoberfest in Munich or the Plärrer in my hometown Augsburg for example ;) I really love such festivities, as everyone is having a Maß Bier (=1 liter beer or any form of beer in a Maßkrug), and simply having a careless and free time! I don´t know if anyone of you ever has been to something like it, but you should definitively come over to Bavaria and give it a try ;) simply tell me, I´ll bring you there :) 
  • Another cliche which is related to this as well is that women always wear a Dirndl and the men a Lederhose ;) haha this maybe also is true, but this is more common only in the south and Bavaria, where I live ;) Of course, we own them, and I also looooove wearing mine, but also this is to be worn also only occasionally ;) 
  • We are very punctual, elderly, reserved and cold ;)Sooo many many people think of us like this, but to be honest, I also have to agree on this in some way, but of course also disagree, as I am a German gal too ;) haha :D No, I mean, I also think the people at other countries, such as Britain, Ireland, ....are so much more open and friendly, polite and welcoming ;) But of course, this may seems regional differently and I can´t generalize it ;) 
  • We love Football ;) I am sure, I am definitively not loving it, but for sure, there are many many people which love it and there often is such a hype about it ;)
So what do you actually think about those? Are they true and are there specific ones about your country which are funny or definitively worth sharing them? I love getting to know such cultural specifics ;) they fit so much often and also respeak each other by times ;) 
Wish you a good night now my honeys :) <3
I really hope you can read it, because of the quality of the picture but I had to laugh so much finding this
on the internet ;) haha especially the irish one is so funny in my opinion :) 
Saturday, August 22, 2015

Feeling guilty

Huhuuuu Sweeties :-*
How are uuuuu? Hopefully you are enjoying your holidays or deal good with your work or job :) 
Today I thought I would love to write about the feeling and emotion of feeling guilty....
But not only because of your ED, also in general topics and such stuff :)
Because I am a person who always kind of reflects the mood of others on my own actions, which is not so good because I often think if somebody is in a bad mood, just because of anything, it would be my fault :( this happens to me so oooooften, I don´t know, how is this at yourself? ;) Are you also projecting everything on yourself? =( 

This already was a problem before my ED started I think, because I always tried my best to push up the mood of for example my BF or somebody else :( this was just so typical for me and still is to be honest....
But I need to learn and always have in my mind, that there are so many many reasons why people can be in a bad mood or react emotionally :( There can be such a ridiculous reason behind it, but also a deeper one like other worries they have :) maybe it is only they did not sleep very well, but it needn´t has to do something with me or you :) this is something I really have to practice on, because I now know that it should be my goal to make ME happy and not try to please everyone else or make them happy :) 

So how to deal with this little advice? I don´t actually know, but maybe I will now focus so much more on having some great time with others without even worrying what I can probably do wrong or maybe make any mistakes.. Also I do have to stop worrying about the fact of being boring and asking myself why people wanna spent time with me :) it could be so simple! they probably spend time with me, because they like me, it could be simple and to be honest, why always complicating everything in life? Must that be? 
This is so me.... What about you hunniiiies? :) <3
Wish you a lovely Saturday :) Keep spreading Nutellaa *_*
Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shooting stars and other wishes *_*

Heyheey my Darlings :) 
I don´t know if it also was announced so often or it also was visible, but here in Germany last night a big clear night full of shooting stars was announced :) 
Soooo as you all know a shooting star makes one dream come true when you wish yourself one :)

Hahaa so we were very excited, because this year I and my family really could need a bit of luck and a few wishes :) there on the one hand is my illness, which all hurts us so much and is so harmful to live with :( but now on Monday my grandma had a terrible stroke/apoplexy and is in hospital now :( She seems like an entirely different person and can´t move, speak, eat or see anymore properly :( so she gets feeded by tube and it is so painful to see her suffer right now :( so everyone is suffering much more now as well and it really gets so painful mostly for my mum :( I feel so so sorry for her and I really try my best to support her, but I still do so many mistakes in recovery and so mama here is to you: Es tut mir alles so so Leid und ich hoffe wir schaffen das zusammen alles. 
So I guuuuuess honeys,  you all know now why we searched for shooting stars yesterday night :) and when I then went to bed I finally saw a little one through my window :) 
-> Of course I took the chance and wished wished wished wished...... :)
Maybe my dream will come true :) let´s hoope for it :) So let my know my honeybees, did you see a shootingstar? :) 
Wish you all a lovely day <3
xxx Stay strong against Miss Mager and all traps life offers us :) 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Why does gaining weight must be so hard? :(

Hey hunnybunniiiiies :) *_*

Oh it is so so hot momentaneously in Germany and we have about 35° everyday :) Oh I love the suuuuuuuuun so much and I enjoy relaxing in the sun so much :) but today it really is tooooo hot, you can´t really leave the house without getting sunburnt :( 
But there is not always time to relax and chill..... I still have to do 3 essays for my studies :)and I also fight everyday with eating :) now I drink two of such well known gaining drinks everyday and I hope so much they will finally work now and I am able to trick at Miss Mager and kick her fucking skinny butt!!! (haha sorry for my rude words, but I hate this bitch!!!!=))
But honestly, why is gaining weight such a hard process? I mean I always get glanced from strangers and also known people and am told like: "Why does she not eat? She only has to eat, that can´t be hard at all" --Oh but I truly can tell you, it is not that easy unfortunately.... I hate getting such comments and they always really hurt me as well... Did you also make the sad experience of getting told such things like: "How stupid is she? She only has to eat and is not able to it..."
but recovery is not only about just eating :( there are so many processes and stupid things happening in your head, you can´t really put into words or show :( 
So recovery is not only eating food and then you are healthy, NO it definitively needs so so much willpower to stand up everyday again and remind yourself that you can´t stay at your momentaneous situation and for changing you NEED to gain weight :) Only then you fully will be healthy :) and of course you have to want it for yourself :) nobody else gains anything if you eat, only you become a normal girl again, and this is what really counts! Realizing this is not easy, but I believe in us, my cutiepies :) we are strong and this should be our mantra :) never loose hope! So do you have any special tips for me of how you are gaining weight easily? =) I mean which foods do you enjoy most and can cope with them better than with others? :) Thaaaaank you so much in advance! 
And don´t give a damn of what others think of you! They don´t know you personally and they don´t have any experience with the illness at all :) so be yourself!!! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we´re here we should dance :-*

Huhuuuuuuuuuu Sweeties :) 
This quote basically marks my morning today ;) because as I first got to read it (I was just scrolling through the internet a little bit just as usual) I really thought: YES! 
Why not enjoying life, even the darker sides? I know this sounds weird, because who enjoys such dark and misty periods in life? But why giving up on any bad thing? Just because others think you are not strong enough to reach your goals? Or they want to tell you what you should do in life or they already know everything in such a more wise way you will never understand it? Those people are not good for you, believe me, I experienced this myself sometimes now, too :( 

Haha this is my left arm with some
bracelets which I got from recent
parties which I joined ;)
But why tie dark times us down? :) I mean there is always something good in everything bad :( so let´s try to focus on these things :) maybe I will do myself a little wee challenge to wake up every morning and for example in front of a doctor appointment or a hard day full of studies, I try to imagine all the good things in it :) so it would be like for example: I am doing this for my future, my job and my goals which I want to achieve in life for becoming a good teacher! Or at an appointment it could be, this is only for my health and that my body is fine and works properly :) You understand what I mean? =) 
I know so well, sometimes it seems that seeing the good things would be impossible, but honeypiiiies never let yourself down by that :) try to focus on positive happenings!!!
Annnnnd maybe you wanna try this out as well? Maybe waking up with a positive attitude will make life more brighter (probably not, I don´t know, but it definitively is worth giving it a try right? =)) 
Sooo according to seeing life as a party, go out and have fun, every single one of you!! You are worth having fun;) 
Enjoy your daaaay my Cuties ;)