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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Such wonderful people and thoooooose other ones... :$

Huhuuuuu all of you angels and devils out theeeere :) 
Haha no of course i know you are all just angels for suuuure (just like me right haha :D) 

Sooooo this post is dedicated to all the people who are always behind my back and by my side at every stage of my life !!!!! Those who are so special to me and never left my side even in the most dark days up to today :) *_* I think you all know who you are :) and i just know that without you i wouldn´t be where i am today ;) 
So i may also once wrote a post about this topic, but in the last time i again and again realize how important it is to have people around you who you know you can always count on ;) even if you act like the mooooooost silly person on the planet, like the maybe most awkward and embarrassing one and also like the most ill one :S People that never left your side are like a pot of gold at one side of the rainbow : indispensable and essential ;) 
Seeing people leave in life is common, and seeing them moving on also, but seeing people leaving your life with kind of a bitterness and disgust is so hard i truly can tell you......
Loosing someone who once was your best friend can be harmful and this also is..... but moving on if a person does not want to stay in your life is essential as well ;) because this is part of living :) so forget about those and don´t look back (I speak from my own experience, because still caring for them is wrong :) I always keep reminding myself: Karma hits everyone by time....

Haha no i am not mean at all, but i just remember how bad those people were behaving towards myself when i was looking like dead.... they handled me like i was dead: I wasn´t invited anywhere to join them and i wasn´t asked to come along with them :S when we met, we just said hello and this was it :S all they were doing was giving me the greeeat great advice of seeking help in a clinic :( of course in the end they were right : the clinic was the best thing which i could do, but the way they treated me in these days, just was the worst shit and fuck.... :( So just so much to this topic :) but still until today i think such false friends exist for everybody in some situations of their life... they never leave your mind and your ways forever....maybe some of those should keep this in their mind as well... just saying ...

Now up to those who never left and still took my hand when i was at the worst point in my life ;) I hope you all know who you are and i want you to know that i truly LOVE U :) even if i am sometimes bad showing it, you are the BOMB !!!!^^
Thanks for all the helping hands, the hard words, the warm gestures and the open heart :) I love u to pieces ;) And for all of you reading this I want you to know that this blog means so much to me and i am so happy you are reading it with a good intention ;) xxxx
Thursday, May 4, 2017

Awwwww... is it really MAY again?

Haaaappy May everyooonee :) 

Sooo my lovely cuuute readers ;)
It is May now ;) Uuuuuunbelievable right? Where has the time gone? I absolutely can't really believe it.... Especially because the weather is sooo bad here these days.. only rainy, dusty, windy and NO sun :( Last week we also had snow again :S hopefully spring or summer one day will coooome back :) 
The view out of my bedroom window :SSS brrrr last week
-> today it is raining like crazy :D 

Sooo 3 days ago was the first day of may and do you also celebrate this day as a public holiday? ;) Here the workers have a day off work and it also is kind of celebrated in another way ;) So lets see if i can show you a little bit of the german traditions? ;) or even the bavarian or swabian ones :) I don´t actually know it ;) But here for the 1st of May called "Maibäume" are set up in each little village :) Those are large tree trunks, which are decorated with individual artful carvings and wreath around it ;) 
And also it is a common tradition that boys put up a small baby birch tree decorated with a wooden heart and little tapes in all different colors in the treetop, in front of the house of a girl they like :) This usually shows that they adore and are mad about the girl they want to impress with the gesture of putting it up in the middle of the night so that they don´t notice it :) the difficult thing about it also is, that in the "Freinacht" (the night from 30th of april to the 1st of may) it is allowed tradition that everything can be stolen and put under the big Maibaum in each village ;) or it is stolen and never brought back :S and this often is the case at the Maierle ;) because other persons try to steal them at the night and hide them away ;) which is so unfair in my opinion :S buuuut luckily mine hasn't been stolen :D beeeeecause this year i also received one :) hahah this made me so happy, because mostly the girls with a boyfriend get one of theirs :) buuuut i don´t have a boyfriend so i found it so lovely that a guuuuuy set it up just for meee :) heehe :) lets see :) 

Tooo continue what also is going on ;) At the end of april to may here in Augsburg it also is time for the Augsburger Plärrer again ;) I think i already wrote about one in another post, but it is every year two times again and it every time is something special ;) it also was the first time now i wore my Dirndl this yeaaaaar now ;) so this season now also is opeeeened now ;) So this time i also went there twice ;) On the opening day, easter sunday with some really wonderfull friends I knew from going out ;) and on sunday now with my sister Susi and here boyfriend ;) who i both truly enjoy spending time with ;) heehe ;) So we had a great evening there ;) 
Haha I also got a traditional gingerbread heart
with saying like "beast" :DD
 And to finish this post : 
Here comes  a special greeting to a wonderful friend from school who i told about this blog and she read my whoooole blog (which is kind of a little much :D Haha) and i just want to mention her heeeeeere ;) Hahaa so hiiii Patricia ;) 
I wish you all now a nice, lovely and calm evening ;) enjoy yourself and seize the day :DDD