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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Much happening over here...!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

Heyhooooo my Rays of Sunshine!!!!! 

Like i already said many many things are happening here right now ;) 
The weather is playing like crazy here in Germany and last sunday there only were like 10 degrees and on sunday were like 30 :S bit confusing but I definitively like the hot ooooone *_*
I am the second one ;) 

So last saturday (but most specially on sunday) I was allowed with 7 other girls from my hometown to be a so called "Festdame" for the celebration of the partner of our fire brigade ) I would never have imagined what a crazy, special and most of all coooooool experience this would beeeeeee: Like I at first was so afraid to be watched by so many many people and being on a stage as well ;) SO for all of you who don´t truly know what this means ;) I think it is very difficult to be explained in english, because it is a typical German tradition :S Puuuuuh but i will try my best, okay? ;) :
Every town has its own volunteer firefighters (:)) and if a town celebrates an anniversary like its 125th, this is celebrated by a big festivity ;) And at every of such celebrations each town has its own firmly ladies ;) and they have to help making some great mood and atmosphere ;) but we didn't were the ladies of the fire department which was celebrating 125 years ;) we were the ones of the related fire department ;) buuuut guys I can tell you it was so so much fun ;) we wore the same outfits and waving our bouquet of flowers ;) and even though the weather was sooooo cold (like 10 degrees :D) I totally had so much fun ;) drinking beer and simply having an amazing and special time ;) 

Papa and his bike ;) I sat on his back ;) 
Me and my Papa ;) 
Sooo and another thing was different this week than normally : My mammy and sister flew on wednesday to New York for spending some greeeeeat time there ;) and so me and my daddy were alone at home :O!!^^ Hahaaaa we are not able to survive :S just joking ;) every lunch we drove after work to my grannies home (she has a german restaurant) and had lunch with my family there ;) and this weekend I for the first time went out for having a bbq ;) because now the weather is soooooo wonderful ;) so me and daddy decided yesterday in the afternoon and today in the morning to do a tour by his motorcycle *_* Aaaaah I haven´t done that since I was soo ill I nearly couldn´t sit on the bike without being able to truly cling to my daddys back :S this was such a stupid, awful and terrible time :S but these tours yesterday and today really were AMAZING ;) I felt sooooo alive and real on the road ;) it was such a special feeling and i felt good *_*  
it was soooooooo cool and i hope we can do it more often now in summer ;) 

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Haaaaaaaaaave a wonderful Pentecostal!!!!!!!!!

SOoooooooo today I thought about sharing a very very wonderful and delicious recipe with you, which my mammy surprised me with as a afternoon snack ;) and I definitively can tell you: IT IS YUMMY !!!!!! Everyone of you, who loooooooves Nutella will fall for it.......

It is called: 3 Minute Nutella Mug Cake
You will need: 

  • 3 EL (which is a tablespoon) of flour
  • 2 EL of sugar (we sometimes use cane sugar, but this is variable)
  • 1 medium-sized egg 
  • 3 EL cocoa powder 
  • 3 EL oil
  • 3 EL milk 
  • 1 pinch of salt 
  • aaaaaaaaaaaand 3 EL Nutella
So far about the ingredients, now you simple have to mix everything in a big mug (because otherwise it will spill over :S) until you have a smooth and squashy dough ;) *_* the next step now is to put the mug into the microwave and heat it up on the highest level for about 2 minutes ;) aaaah you will already smell the delicacy <3 Oh but I nearly forgot something: You probably should put a plate under the mug to make sure if it boils over you won´t make your microwave to dirty :D 
Okayyyyyyy so now you carefully can put your mug out of the microwave and eeeeeeeeenjoy *_* 

Feel free to try it and I would love you to give me a feedback of how it worked ;) thaaaaanks a million my Sweeties *_* 
<3 <3 Have a great time 
Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oh the good old Fear Food List ?! :)

Holaaa mi chicas ;) 
SOoo just because I feel a little bit happy now today (it is weekend and the sun is shining;)) I thought about sharing some new blog post with you ;)
Maybe you all see the little category on the top board of my blog ;) the one section which is called Fear Food List :D 
Oh in the last months I truly forgot so much about this list :D (shame on me haha :D) but when I opened it the last days after such a long time I really had to chuckle at the first moment ;) And I think it is quite rationally why ;) I tried out so many many foods in the clinic of which I thought they would be hard for me to eat or still would be a fear food ;) but since I almost tried out every of those things more than once, I truly can say they are no real FEAR any more ;) like have a look at bread, rolls or buns, I eat them daily more than I would ever have thought of doing and integrating it into my meal plan ;) thanks at this place to the clinic ;) this was something I would never have imagined before ;) also the category sweet products of the bakery (which is not crossed here on my blog) is no problem now anymore ;) I try to buy myself as often as possible something sweet there and have a try at it ;) no more fear of yummy fluffy croissants, fancy donuts, cakes or shortcrust pastries *_* I definitively can tell you by doing it more often and not letting bad or negative defiant thoughts in, it will get so much easier and common again ;) NO one of you needs such a fear food list ;) it maybe was helpful at getting used to eating again, but by times eating even those should be more normal ;) and I am still on my way trying it and I hope so much winning this battle !!! 
Doing this again and again: Day by Day ;) 

Lots of love my cuteeeeeeees ;) xxx