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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The ultimative Schnaaaapszahl 22 :)

Huhuuuuuuuuu Sweeties :) 

Oh yeeees just as the topic itself saaaays, I am officially 22 now :) OMG what an old aage right? :D
Noo of course not ;) I truly can tell you it was such a special day for me ;) And all in all it especially were the right people who made it as wonderful as it could even be for me ;) 
Soooo on the 29th i had taken a leave of absence from work and been woken up by my cat Bobbel actually quiet early ;) It was like he would know it was my birthday, because he often jumped into my bed when i was younger, but since last year never made it anymore ;) and on this daaay he jumped next to me and started cuddling :D it was sooo cute *_* 

Looooook what a cuuuute chocolate 
Nuuuutella Cake my mammy made for me *_* heaven as you can guess :D

All my presents hehe ;) 
So afterwards i made breakfast and received some sweet presents like a handbag, a jewelry for my pandora bracelet, colors for painting, a parfum, some clothes i had already chosen and some sweeeeeets ;) After that me and mum made our way to Augsburg to a clothes shopping center, which kind of has aaaaaaaall sorts and brands of clothes ;) Wow it was so big and i truly fell for it in a true euphoria hahaaaa :) I bought a some jackets, shirts, earrings, a sun glass and and and..... :S it was so fun ;) and so expensive in the end... :D 
For lunch we went for a place which offers "running sushi" you know this? Hahaa no it is not running after a sushi piece, it more is like a flow belt which again and again passes you table with all kind of different asian dishes and sushis :) each one on little cute plates you can take from it and eat ;) we booked all you can eat and it was just so nice :) and especially guessing which food is what was fun ;) because many of the chinese foods are so uncommon here as well ;) 

So and in the evening we had some relatives and friends at our house here and it was also such a lovely way to finish this very special day for me ;) And another thing which made it such a wonderful day, that i was so surprised of how many people sent me their congrats :) there were like over 65 people sending me a message and this made me feel somehow special and i loved it :) Sorry hehe :) I feel so happy about this day all in all ;) Thanks to everyone who made it as lovely as it was :) xxxxx all the best to you ;)