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Thursday, January 14, 2016

A friend is one who overlooks the your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden :) *_*

Heeeeeeeyhoooo my cuuties :-*
How ya doin? ;) Puh for myself this is a good question ;) It is a very confusing week for many of us at the clinic at the moment and I think I definitively have to keep going for more ;) otherwise I will stay in here like forever and this is something I absolutely don´t plan to dooo...... :S 
So now I increased my meal sizes to all meals (brekkie, lunch and dinner) to 150% and also yesterday I had my first cake in between the meal times and this evening 175% for dinner :S 
But what I actually wanted to dedicate this post to is: The lovely lovely other inpatients and now friends I made here in the clinic :) Believe me guys, having someone who gives you a lift on your way is really priceless :)
 I never really noticed this, but doing new steps along the way with other truly supporting people and motivating other ones, means so much to me at the moment ;) It pushes me forward and not lets me stand stuck at one place :) So on the one hand my family is my rock to lean and build on and on the other hand I now experienced how much different it is to know to get some support from friends ;) who have to go the same way as you do and still have enough power to help you back on track or push you away from your illness ;) 
So to everybody in the clinic who is reading this: I am so so thankful for all of your constant support and all of the kicks away from this stupid illness :S

LIFE offers so much more than the constant circle of thoughts about food ;) 

But alsooo a thing which I experienced massively here in the clinic is: who are your real friends and care for you and who is like many other people only a person who once had contact to you and pretended to be your friend :) So seeing who is here for me even in the darker times of life is so important for me to discover and uncover ;) because those are the real people who I wanna keep in my future life :) So thank you so so much to all of you who really are here for me at the moment ;) LOVE U so much <3


  1. Ange :) schön von dir zu lesen!
    Es freut mich, dass es langsam bergauf geht und glaube fest daran, dass du das schaffen wirst! ich habe auch die Erfahrung gemacht, dass man wirklich merkt, wer zu einem steht und wer nicht, wenn man so lange raus von zuhause ist.

    Du, ich habe dich beim "Liebster - Award" nominiert. Damit kann man auf die tollsten Blogs aufmerksam machen und neue, spannende Themen entdecken. Wenn du Interesse hast, schau mal auf meiner Seite vorbei. Wenn nicht, lösche ich deinen Namen wieder aus dem Beitrag, kannst du dann einfach sagen :)

    Ich wünsche dir einen tollen Abend!

    1. Heeeey Anna ;) Wow voll lieb von dir vielen Dank!!! <3 Hab mich grade total über deinen Kommentar gefreut ;) Oh ja da hast du voll Recht und dann muss man sich einfach an die Leute halten, die einem wirklich gut tun, nicht wahr? ;)
      Ohhhhh total cool, vielen lieben Dank, find ich echt super ;) freut mich :) DANKE :) <3