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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Huuuuuhuuuu my bees :)
I wish you with all my <3 a happy new year full of so many many perspectives *_*

I celebrated New Year´s Eve here in the clinic with a lot of other lovely inpatients :) we reeeeeeaallly had very very much fun despite being inpatient :) 

Did you guys actually made a list with things you wanna achieve in 2016? =) Well, to be honest at first I didn´t want to do something like this, but thinking about it in detail, I realized it probably makes me more motivated to reach out for some of these goals if I concretize them ;) 
So this is the reason why I wrote some of my goals for 2016 in words down in my notebook ;) 
  • Getting out of hospital with a healthy and motivated state of mind and a normal-sized body
  • Making a trip on my own (for learning to be peace with myself) -> maybe also doing a job or term abroad (but this needn´t has to be realized in 2016)
  • Going to Disneyland with my lovely blogging gal Emmy (you can have a look at her blog here:
  • Finally deciding what my future career or job desire will be (I am not really sure if I will continue my studies for becoming a teacher)
  • Making up with some friends and surround myself with many of the beautiful people I truly love<3 
  • Taking up some new hobbies :) Don´t actually know right now which ones, but hopefully I will be able to find something to enjoy ;) 
And for everything else I simply will let the year begin and wait what for what it actually offers myself ;) 

Buuuuut to keep myself motivated day by day again and again I noticed listening to some fast and good- mood music is the beeeest way to make boring and depressing daaays speed up a little bit :
At the moment I loooove listening to Macklemore ;) Especially Irish Celebration, but also Can´t Hold Us and Thrift Shop are the best way to make me sing along and doing crazy faces :) This tip was just an addition to the actual post, just because I was in the mood of writing this ouuuut for everyone who is struggling :) 
Loooove u all way sooo much :) 


  1. Omg I want to come with you and Emmy to Disneyland!!!!! Happy New Year to you beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to celebrate and have a nice New Year at the clinic! I'm thinking of you a lot and wishing you all the best with your list of goals. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything my darling xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ooooooh hun of course you are invited heartily to join us twooo on our trip *_* I think this would be absolutely amazing Annie :) <3 Oh and thanks so so much for al the lovely wishes and I also believe so much in you, that you and I will be able to beat the fucking illness in 2016 :) I will hope this so so much :) <3 Love u my dear :) xxx

  2. Das klingt super! :) freut mich sehr, dass es dir besser geht! Und Diseneyland soll der Hammer sein!
    Ich wünsche dir weiter viel kraft für deinen Weg.
    Hast du eine Idee, was du anstelle des Lehramtstudiums machen möchtest?
    Viele Grüße!

    1. Hey Anna ;) Dankeeeschön :) voll lieb von dir :)
      Momentan kann ich die Kraft echt gut gebrauchen ;) bin ziemlich zerrissen gerade wegen meiner Zukunft und dem was ich nach der Klinik so machen möchte ;) aber ich tendiere grade so ein bisschen eher zu einer Ausbildung :)
      Ganz liebe Grüße :) xxx

  3. OMG huniiiii reading this brought the biggest ever smile to my face I absolutely am bursting with excitement for our trip huni it will be the best holiday EVER I cannot waitttt hun :* I think your goals are absolutely fabulous huni and I believe in you and support you 150% as you go about making these dreams your reality I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT HUN <3 you are so strong and we are so going to make this our year hun <3 huni please could I do a joint post with you on my blog? I would love to share my own list of 2016 goals with you <3 love you so so much Nutella girly <3 xxxxxxx

    1. OMG my deeeear ;) *_* you are just too cute my hot-choc girliiie :)
      Aaaaaw of coooourse you can ;) it would be a pleasure for me to be mentioned on your amazing blog <3 please please feel free to join in :)
      Oh and hun you are so right: let´s make 2016 our year ;) let´s do it !!
      Love u so so much ;) and can´t wait to read your list <3

    2. <3 ohh huni thank you so so much I will do my list today huni and put it on my blog <3 <3 <3 and YES WE CAN huni you said it !! :D

      Love and hugs Nutella girly :* xxxxx

  4. Es freut mich, dass dich mein Beitrag weiterbringt. Solche Rückmeldungen sind das größte Geschenk für mich! 
    Pass gut auf dich auf. Viele Grüße