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Monday, February 15, 2016

Still aliiiiveee :S

Huhuuuuu my cuuutiepies <3

I hope you didn´t already put out a missing advertisement on myself :) Haha just imagine such a "WANTED ANGE" poster, which you know from cowboy or western movies :D 

Hahaa but first of all I wanna wish you (I know I am tooooo too late, but I think it definitively is noteworthy) a niiiiice and creamy World Nutella Day (which was on the 5th of February!!!!
I hope you all had a serving of it ;) I absolutely can tell you I had it and it still is my fav brekkie *_* 

So why was I absent for such a long long time now: To be honest at the moment I am not so sure if it is a good idea to still keep my blog alive at the moment.... :( Because on the one hand my blog means the world to me and getting in contact with so many many of you wonderful angels all over the planet is so amazing and wonderful for me! You all helped me so so much so far… But on the other side the therapists here in the clinic considered me ending it, because they think it will always remember and stick myself to my ED and Miss Mager :S 
So I am so unsure of this now :D such a difficult decision :S because I probably think that  they are right about it :( because in not any form I still wanna cling on to Miss Mager and this fucking illness.... I want her to be banned out of my life completely!!
But I always was of the opinion my blog is a safe place for this and helps me exactly going against it :( But now I don´t know what to do... :( because I also think it would be a good idea to finish it and make it just as a symbolic ending of this part of my life as well, you know what I mean? ;) 
I would love so much to hear your true and honest opinion about this topic, as I am really struggling with this decision at the moment ;) 
Thanks so so much in advance ;) 
Love u looooads ;) xxx

Oh and by the way, I wish you all a wonderwonderwonderful Valentine´s Day <3 


  1. Das ist inzwischen aber wirklich schon eine lange Zeit in der Klinik ... ich hoffe, dass du bald so stabil sein wirst, dass du dich wieder zurück ins Leben traust!
    Ich denke, dass dein Therapeut recht haben könnte. Du musst aber nicht aufhören zu bloggen. Du könntest den Blog verändern, einen neuen eröffnen mit anderen Themen. Nicht die Essstörung definiert dich, sondern das, was du fühlst und erlebst.
    Nicht zu sehr ganz oder gar nicht denken. :)
    Pass auf dich auf!