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Monday, March 28, 2016

HAPPY EASTER everyone ;) ^--^

Heeeeeeey everyone of my cute Easter Bunnies ;) <3

Sending you many many hobbled easter greetings and hugs ;) *_* 

Yes, I am still alive and doing quite well ;) 
How did you guys spent your easter celebrations? ;) at home with your beloved ones? ;) Hopefully you had a good one ;) 

Find the Nutella :D
Sooo another thing I am currently thinking about is: 
I wanna get a TATTOO by reaching a for me important weight crossing ;) (just a little side notice: I always am doing this for many weight limits, because then it becomes more interesting to reach them and such a sign should also always make me remember to never fall below this limit) So for my last crossing I did myself a third piercing in my left ear =) of which I still am so happy and proud with ;) so what do you think would be a good little sign for reaching this important limit ;) this truly will be a special one ;) 
I wanna have a tattoo at my ankle ;) I think ;) Do you have any nice suggestions? ;) 
Hahaaa maybe a nutella glass, right? :D 

I would love to hear your suggestions and also from yourself again ;) 

Wish you a lovely easter monday and a great start into the new weeeeeek xxx

Can´t wait for tomorrow ;) heheee it ´s my BIIIIIRTHDAY ;) hehe ;) 


  1. Happy Easter Ange!!!!!

    And wishing you a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

  2. Awwwww thanks a million Annie ;) you are such a great friend to me ;)
    I also wish you a wonderful upcoming week now ;)
    Love u <3 xxx