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Monday, July 25, 2016

Why blogging means the woooorld to me ;) :-*

Heyhooooooooo my looooves *_* 

All over the last years since I started my blog, people ask me like: Why are you doing this? ;) What is it about you are blogging? Why are you writing in English and not in German? ;) 

Okay, so this for me definitively is a rather easy question: I love getting in touch with new people, and especially it makes me so HAPPY to have a look at the statistics of my blog ;) you know? =) 
Every day I can have a look at what person from which country visited my little page ;) and this nearly makes me cheer up by times ;) there are some tiny pieces of the world, which I even didn´t know or ever had heard of :D sounds weird, right? ;) 
But each one of you always makes me so glad to know that some people really care for my blog ;) THANK YOU ;) you all are really Happy Makers to me ;) 
So in all of my bloggin "era" (:D) I had page views from places like Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Philipines, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, India,... but also very unknown countries like Bahrain, St. Kitts and Nevis, Nepal, Mauritius, St.Lucia,.... but maybe you also wanna have a look of how this looks like for me for one day: (I LOVE CHECKING THIS ;)
So this is one of the main reasons I blog in english ;) And the other one is: I love the english language, as it sounds so smooth and chilled ;) if i would write in German, I think even some native speakers may even wouldn´t understand my Swabian-Augsburgerisch idiom :D 
So in this post, I simply wanted to say thaaaaaaaaaank you to you all who regularly drop by or also visit my blog once ;) You all mean so much to me ;) 
And in all the time I own my little page I now got over 28.000 visitors and clicks ;) so you maybe also understand why I wanna keep this up ;) My blog means so much to me ;) 
And each one makes me proud and shows me how much togetherness means and helps !!!! 

Also for answering the other question: Why do you blog in general? ;) Oh I enjoy blogging beeeecause, it helps MYSELF to write down many of my thoughts, because otherwise I surely wouldn't face them anyhow I think ;) So it is a good way to confront myself with my often confusing wirrwaaaaarrs and struggles and also I enjoy it, because getting in touch with so many many lovely people makes me feel like I am someone, who is somebody ;) haha bit confusing, right? But I think you know what I mean, I feel a little bit like a appreciated person and not only a person who has a problem ;) NO!!!!

Also I wanna mention a motto of our family, since I am a little girl, and I still think it fits: 
The world is a village!!!!!!

Okay so enough for now, but as a finish of this may emotional post for me ;) I put a picture of an old-timer rallye here, which I had a look at yesterday ;) it was so fun and somehow cuuute *_* looking at those old-style cars passing through our villages ;) 


  1. Awwww ANGE <3 I absolutely LOVE this post so so much, you are just such a little star hun <3 I was in love with it from the very beginning!! your blog is so special Ange, you have touched the lives and hearts of so many people across the entire globe with your honest, beautiful, and simply INSPIRATIONAL posts. And your positivity just shines out like a beautiful diamond star glowing in the night hun <3 you are so special, a one in a million, thank YOU for writing your blog hun <3 with lots and lots of love huni from your hot choc girly ;) <3 xxxx

    1. OMG *_* such a wonderful comment huuuuun <3 ah i nearly bursted into tears, as it was such a beautiful one ;) :-* <3 Ah I can´t believe you honored my little blog so much and i am so haaaaaappy right now ;) You are the BEST Emmy ;) keep staying my hot choc girl ;) aaaah and can´t wait to August ;) finally meeeeeeeeeeting you for real *_* AAAw ;) <3 Loooove ya