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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sentimental flashbacks, confusion, nostalgia and old memories ....

Heeeeeeyheeey my bestiiiiies *_* 
How are you? And how is the weather at your place right now? =) Does it maybe describe your mood at the moment? :D 
Here in Germany right now the weather is a little bit dusty, but with some wonderful sunny sunbeams here and there :) I love those little bright shines throughout the day :) they always make me smile :) Oh but all in all it definitively can be said, that it got so much colder since the beginning of october, also in the nights there is nearly zero degree :) but for all of this I am settled ;) I bought a new pair of shoes and a warm superdry jacket :) *_* So in love with that :) And also for the new start of the season, haha no just for fun ;) I again dyed my hair in a deep, also a little bit striking red ;) hahaa so I can´t be overlooked: the red fire alarm :)

Fuuuuun, so there are so many many things I currently am thinking about: 
On the one hand my life here is sooo great, as I never truly anyhow could have imagined it again, because so many wonderful, cool, amazing and exciting (neew) things happened, but on the other, I sometimes feel such a strange kind of sentimentality coming up and I feel like I would miss some of the good times in the clinic :SS Soooo strange, i can tell you this, because i end up feeling like a total mess, you know? ;) But my mum also told me about this kind of nostalgia she had after leaving her school (she was in a boarding school ) So after it is over, it seems like you would only remember ALL of the good and wonderful times you had there ;) so it can be called a sentimental flashback I think... :) but I know now what i want, and this is doing my apprenticeship, going out, having fun, living my real life :) going into a clinic only means again freezing all the things i have got here and go away for a limited episode of time :S and afterwards coming back and again starting at zero..... Never actually wanna do this and restart again :S
But I think such flashbacks and mixed feelings you can experience in many sectors of your life ;) just take a holiday as an example, but also maybe harmful memories, like the end of a relationship, you still have such days wishing back to those days, even though they may hurted yourself :S But this is human :) 

Because just at the moment I am more than ever so happy with all those current happenings here, and I feel like floating a little bit ;) Unsure where it takes me, but i know by the help of my family and friends it will take me somewhere wonderful :) Lets just hope for this ;) 
Love u all and wish you a great middle of the week ;) YOU ARE AWESOME *_*


  1. Oooh Ange I really want to see your red hair! Please please post a photo! I'm sure it is very stunning and you are very beautiful. We all have good times and bad times in our lives and often get nostalgic, but try not to dwell on it too much, you have to move forward now, away from Miss Mager in the past, and stride forwards to the brightness! You're doing amazing, truly amazing! Sending you all my love and hugs from Wales xxxxxxx