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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Huhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my cuties ;) 
I all wish you a great, happy, memorable, adventurous, amazing year 2017 ;)

2016 and all its memories, moments, happenings is gone now... this always kind of brings me into confused feelings :S because on the one side i am glad that it is over, but on the other hand i am thankful everything happened its way like it did ;) Okay but i already wrote kind of a post like this ;) haha so moving on to new things in a NEW YEAR :D

New year = New chapter? Maybe, i am not so sure about this, but in many ways 2017 is another beginning, a new chance for changing and growing ;) A new needn´t be a new chapter but it is a chance to leave the old behind step by step and move on ;) towards new directions and opportunities ;) this could be moving on in recovery of an illness, welcoming new people in your life, letting go of some as well, who proved you are better without and also letting new emotions and feelings in ;) 
out of our kitchen window :) 

So I hope you spent such a lovely, carefree and wonderful christmas time with your loved ones and were able to grab some presents haha :D and simply relax a little bit ;) Here in Germany we didn´t have a "white christmas" but now since a few days the temperature fell down to -20 degrees and it snowed like a little snow globe wonderland ;) I LOOOOOVE the snow ;) but i hate the freeeeezing coldness ;) especially this arctic cold we have at the moment ;) 
Winter wonderland Germany :D 

Sooooo but honestly my deeeears I am sitting in front of this post nearly since the first days of january and i am so unsure of what to write :S You see this is kind of a cuddle muddle at the moment :( I don´t know what does not bore you.. because i already rambled so much about my personal life and also my steps in becoming rid of my sick illness :S I am currently simply indecisive of what i should tell you :S FUuuuuck, because writing is so great for me :) 
So maybe i write down some goals or ideas for 2017 like it would truly suit at the beginning of a year, even though, as i just said, this does´t really mean a new chapter for me okay? ;) and i would be very happy and pleased if you write down some of yours as well? ;) Hehee and now read it without blaming me for it, because some can sound quite embarrassing :DD

travel to New Zealand, Florida, Miami, CA, or the Caribic :), risk something in a personal way, get my tattoo, reach a goal, do a service job just for fun, say yes, learning to be in peace with myself, sunbathing, telling somebody my opinion directly in the face,......

Haha i don´t know, this is just not so working ;) i wish you all the best being better than me in this try ;) Wish you all a wonderful night now ;) xxxxxxx


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    1. OOOOh thanks so much Annie ;) I also wish you a wonderful year 2017 ;) lets see what it will bring ;) xxxxx <3