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Monday, January 23, 2017

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, because to them you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup ;)

Heeeeey guuuuys :) 
You know this feeling when everything sucks and sometimes the world doesn´t really make so much sense? You think only karma tries to hit you and nobody else? 

Yes, okay so i think everybody by time (some maybe more than others, but anyway i think you know what i mean with it) feels shitty and like all people bounded together against yourself ... 
Sorry for those negative words and this also might not be a too happy post today, but i need this now :) 
Of course looking back i always a option to motivate myself again and making sure i wont get back to the worst point of my life so far, but where actually is the direction i wanna go...
This sometimes seems so blurred for me.....
Because on one side, i have such a clearly possible way i can go straight ;) I have a job, i am an apprentice there, i have a wonderful family, friends and people who care for me... SO what else do i want more or what do i expect from my life? Why am i unhappy sometimes and think about so much shit....????Can somebody please explain this to me?

So i simply think i am too much kind of a sensitive person who takes too many things way too personal and get emotional after it :) so for example today i came home from work and mam made dinner and i was so stressed out from my day, but why? :) I didn´t do anything else than every day, but got so emotional? Why???? Because i noticed again and again today how selfish and arrogant many of my so called "friends" are sometimes ;) I hope now nobody takes this personal in any way, but why cant some people simply not keep their thoughts by themselves when they have nothing too nice or even neutral to say? I don´t know why they always wanna tell me there opinion about every stupid topic?! I realized this at work today, because one colleague didn´t show up at work and just told it to our chief that she won´t come today, and all the other ladies were angry and annoyed that she had not told it them as well ;) like what should she send everyone a personal message??? And i couldn´t really believe they talked about this a few times today and made nasty rewards about her..... SO this is my question: Why do others always have to meddle in personal things or say their certain opinion about anything which shouldn't even bother them? 
Another big topic in this for me is, that because the people think: Like she is the ill and sick one, the psychotic girl, they can always tell me their opinion about how i look ;) they think they know me so well that they can judge me because of my past so much... I hate this :( as some better known person some time ago told me: Oh you still look skinny, how is life going? Are you doing hard at the moment? ;) And i was like : "What do you want from me?" Because i was not struggling at all at the time she asked me :) in German i always say (because in my ears it sounds muuuuch more dramatic haha;)) : Warum müssen die Menschen eigentlich immer ihre Gosch/ihr Maul ausleeren?" or: "Wenn man nichts Nettes zu sagen hat, soll man den Mund halten!" 
Soooo this is my liiiiittle little bit negative word for the start of this hopefully nice week ;) haha sarcastic ;) Sending you lots of loooove xxxxxxxxxxx

Because the world is not always only sunshine and pink ponies.......


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