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Saturday, March 25, 2017

One year agooooo ;) wow can´t believe it ;)

Goood morning  and haaaappy weekend my sweethearts :) <3

Yeeeeeeeah the week is nearly finished ;) haha at least the working part of it ;) 
First cabrio tour of 2017 *_*
I had a little more short week than normally, because i was sick two of the days because i had such back and all in all aches all over from my shoulders down my spine :S I felt so whacked all the week and so i missed one day of school and work, because i felt like i couldn´t really make it without getting too stressed over it :) 
So do you have any plans for the weekend? 
Here in Germany i hooope so much (but the chances may bee good :)) that spring settles in a bit :) Like all the beautiful little spring flowers come out and the suuuuun also shines on some days *_* Aw i am so in love with the lovely weather :) this is something which influences my mood soooo (often too) much ;) haha i am so much better at days when the sun is out and i feel like relaxed, calm, happy and glaaaad ;) 

RED again and not caring what others think ;)
Hell yeeeeeeeees :D 
Sooo now a short update ;) On the 23rd of march,  it exactly was a year i was released from the clinic :) WOW it feels so amazing for me that it is now 1 YEAR !!!! I can´t really believe how much has changed since then ;) Like in myself and all the people around me ;) I am so much happier now and looking back makes me feel so sentimental ;) because how many things happened and what experiences i made, made me the person i am now ;) And this makes me as happy as i could even be ;) Going through some hard, though times leaves its mark on a person, but each scratch makes me more unique and strong ;) like a battle wound which hurts so much, but after going through it, you will be proud that you survived! And this is how it kinda feels for me ;) 
I hope you know what i ttry to tell by this ;) each mistake, illness, hard time in life always will reveal a lesson for you, you maybe never wanna make again and this is how it shapes you to become the person you are ;) and i also love the quote: When life gets hard, remind yourself diamonds are made under pressure!!!!!

So never stay at one point stuck in your life, move on, forget, forgive, love again and never get stuck in the past ;) this is the wrong direction ;)
This is truly what i am also trying to do now: Being free and do stuff i wanna do, no matter what others could talk about ;)
So last weekend me and my sis were at an amazing concert of a well-known DJ, you also know Felix Jaehn? It was just a stunning atmosphere and we truly enjoyed ourselves ;) also got drunk and still trying to keep this euphoria of such evenings up and be myself ;) 

So much about me now ;) I hope you are all fine and having a wonderful, saturday morning ;) and a great weekend;) any special plans for next week? ;) 
Haha my only plan is getting older  ;) My birthday is coming up.... ;) 
xxxxxxxxxx <3


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