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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer kicking in (maybe just a little bit so far, but it flooows ;))

Haaaaaaaallöchen my wonderful readers ;) 

Long tiiiime no post, i am really sorry, but i had so much to do and on my mind that i simply had some lack of ideas of what to write about ;) because i am sure you are not really interested in taxes and some stuff like i need to learn at vocational school :S :) but now i have two weeks off school, but unfooooortunately i instead still have to go to work on these days.... :S puuuhpuuh this can be kind of exhausting sometimes, because of little indifferences between my ladies there:S OmG sometimes i feel like i am in kindergarten with those talks....:D:D Haha no but i am so glad working there and i still enjoy it so much ;) 
SO whats up right now? ;)

They also shooted the video to their clip "Something just
like this" live in Munich!!!!
The show was sooo wow *_* 
Puuuuuh some really cool things were up the last days ;) beeeecause on tuesday, COLDPLAY *_* played their first european tour concert in muuuunich ;) and guess who had tickets????? :D oh this was just wow i can tell you ;) (Even the day didn´t start any good at all, because it was only 8 °C, raaaained like crazy and all parking places were full just about 4 pm, but the band would just play at 8 o´clock :) so we were already so early there, but nevertheless places we had in the Olympia Stadium were covered ;) lucky ussss ;) so we listened to two opening acts ;) and aaaafterwards it was time for Coldplay ;) Wow i am such a fan ;) The atmosphere was just stunning and hard to describe ;) everyone received a lightening bracelet which lighted in different colors suitable for the songs ;) and this was just such an unbelievable concert and evening for me ;) 60000 people were there and chris martin and his band made such an goose bump feeling :) *_* I really was so catched that i did nearly miss the end and we hurried up to our car ;)

Sooo and what else is ooooh ;) Juust as the topic itself says we here in Germany are constantly waiting for summer to finally come and STAY!!!! ^^because there is no inbetween between cold, rainy and dusty or 3 day the total heat ;) Confusing, i just hope i can put my summer clothes finally in the front of my wardrobe now ;) Sooo i also wanna to do such things as going to the local swimming pool or just tanning outside ;) i also was already in the water, even though it is really icy in my opinion ;) like 22 °C ;) And yesterday i went for the first time this year strawberry picking ;) i enjoy this a lot, because it offers many many berries and also some fun ;) haha ;) 
In bavarian german: don´t moan!
The best is yet to come ;)

Wish you all a lovely evening now ;) xxxx