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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sometimes the things go another way planned, but most probably this is sooo much better and cooler ;)

Huhuuuuuu my angels ;) 
Initially i actually had planned to post something different right now, but soooo much crazy things happened recently and i now changed my plans and wanted to make a quick uuuuupdate right now ;))) 
Sooooo to start with the serious stuff (followed by the more cool and funny things;D) on thursday the week before last week I had my "Zwischenprüfung" from my apprenticeship (I googled it and the meaning in english i think is midterm exam?! :D) i hope u understand what i mean :DD So i had to do it in three subjects : Steuerlehre, Rechnungswesen and Wirtschaftslehre+Sozialkunde ;) to explain all of those it would be too complicated so lets just say it all was about taxes, numbers and earnings :) heehee to say it in short ;) 
I was so excited before the test and now i am just so happy it finally is over ;) hopefully i pass it ;) just press thumbs for the results :) 
So here we are Lukas in the "O", Susi in the "P" and me in the "B" 
Aaaaaand moving on ;) soooooo what i so much love about summer is, that the days are long and moost of the time (In germany this is rather seldom) the nights are not so cold and you can sit outside so long or go on open-air events and parties ;) 
And anoooooother big thing i wouldn´t ever be able to do with my fucking illness by my side was going on a festival and feeling free and great ;) Such an amazing experience i can tell you!!!!!!!!!!! I got the ticket as a birthday present already in march and was so nervous and excited about it :) I never imagined what it could be like at such a music festival with so many celebrating people for more than a whole weekend ;) :D but we had so much to drink with us that the mood automatically would come up :DDD

So i just decided to let it rolllllllll .... :) and it was a great decision ;) t is quite hard to describe all those feelings of such an atmosphere ;) because it was soooooo warm and just perfect for sitting outside at the camping place, meeting many new exciting people and going on the stage, listening, dancing and celebrating to the electric music beats ;) just feeling kind of free... sounds strange, but this is just like it felt ;) not caring what anyone thinks of you and just doing whatever you enjoy, love and feel like in this moment ;) and forgetting about the daily life and being someone different just right where you are *_* So just WOW for finishing this post ;) stepping out of your known and walking right in the unknown sometimes just can be one of the greatest ideas of your life, okaaaay? ;) 
Again another fake tattooooo and many bracelets ;)
The style i love *__*


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