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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hellooo again ;) All about terror and clicheeees ;) what opposites actually :S

Huhuuuu my Cuties ;) 
Long time noooo see/blog .... :S I am so sorry for this, but i absolutely felt so unsure of what to write about, it seemed like i had no idea of what could be blogged on here.... 
But according to an actual topic which can actually be connected to one of my recent posts, i thought of writing about it.... Terror in BARCELONA ;) Barcelona, my lovely holiday place this year, the city which i absolutely felt so welcomed and I enjoyed spending my time so muuuch... There something so horrible and shocking happened, i just can´t believe it ;) For me this is kind of unreal, because i exactly know the place at La Rambla where this transporter killed people.... :( and this makes you think about how would you have behaved in this certain situation? :( I really don´t know... Why do people act like this? Why do they kill others just to spread pain and fear? Don´t they know what they do to the family members and friends of the victims..... :S 

Especially the fact that this time it hit this wonderful, shining, welcoming, open-hearted city is so shocking for me ;) I just remembered how great it was being there, because you didn't just feel like a tourist, because all the people were really friendly, courteous and lovely :) so this truly is a really bad thing.....No words for this.....

SO to continue this post with something less dramatic and more normal, funny and Nutella-like again ;) I just read an article in our newspaper in which (according to holiday season now=)) typical cliches and stereotypes of nations were discussed and explained and it was so funny to read, so i also did some amusing research on this topic on the internet ;) And in this and the next few posts i will show now some of them, because all in one would be a little tooo much :D 

So i just start with the moooost important ones haha :D no just joking, but i really will start with my home country Germany ;) because we as the Deutsche have of course many prejudices in other nations ;) Buuut according to those, i am so zero percent a german haha :D because those say, that the Germans are always on time (=pünktlich), stingy (=sparsam, geizig), accurate and organized ;) and for me personally many of them have an stork in the ass ;) haha :D they are simply boring in some ways :) but they also get often are named with the stereotype of working hard on the one side, but also drinking beer all day and night ;) as well as eating sauerkraut and sausage always ;) Woman are always wearing a dirndl and men lederhosen ;) i think those are so funny to imagine :S 

So much on this now ;) next post probably will be about our lovely neighbors from the british isles ;) Haha but don´t worry i won´t be mean on you, because i love this country ;) 
Sending you all my love on this sunday ;) as here in Germany the sun is rare today xD 


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