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Friday, October 6, 2017

Autumn and my personal relation of letting things goo :)

Hey heeeey my lovely ooonnes ;) 

Aaaandd again long time no see, but a few days ago a really really good friend of mine sended me a pic with this quote: "Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go"
And this again made me feel like it would be time to write a blog again ;) and what suits more at the moment than autumn showing up outside :) Here in Germany the leaves all look like painted now and the trees let their leaves fall down -> they let them go.... And seeing this as an image, this is so beautiful in my opinion, because of course letting things go can feel hard, but at the same time it maybe feels relieving and liberating ;) 

Holding on to things can be as harmful as letting go... You can see this so well in your relationship to other people i think :S On the one hand you wanna hold on to somebody who maybe is not good at all for you :S So letting those people go maybe feels hard at first, but afterwards you then will realize they were not meant to stay in your life at all... You will feel happy about this.. Maybe not now, but i for myself hope one day i will.... :( 

So for me it at the moment is all about change and making decisions, which one i will do, i only can tell you if i truly made them.... So for the moment i try to enjoy my days ;) and have a lot of fun meeting some nice people and seeing it not too serious, because on many days i do not have many things to laugh about... But i think we all have those days, right? 
Sounds a little bit depressing now, but i am having some though times, but i nevertheless will give up or put my light down ..... :S because true Ange(l)s always will keep their head up :) 


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