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Monday, November 27, 2017

37.388 Readers :) OMG DANKE :)

Huuhuhuuu my cuties beauties and honeys :) 
This is me with my little baby
cousin :) Just wanted
to share it with u :) 

So on this evening, eating two of the "new" Nutella B-ready, i actually questioned myself how long i now actually have my blog "How Nutella saved my Life" now :) So I i just had a look back at a few of my earlier posts and discovered that my blog exists now for more than 3 years now :D OMG wow this feels kind of amazing for me ;) 
So I wrote my first ever blog post on the 10th of september 2014 :) What a special day for me somehow :) And in all this time kind more than 37.000 people read it and had a look at it ;) THANK YOU ALL :) I know i don´t really post regular anyhow, but i just want to let you know nearly every day i have a wee look on my page and check it ;) It still means the world to me seeing each click listened up on my statistics :) I still can't believe where all of you come from ;) and i am still not sure how you came to my website, but i am so glad you did ;) Here is to all my readers from all over the country :) I just wanna say a big big thank you to all of you that you came to visit my blog and maybe also continued reading my journey ;) and not left me alone like many other people did it :) 

Just an example of how it looks for me when you visited my blog ;) this makes me so happy to see :) 
I would truly love to listen up all the countries i have read on here, who made me feel so joyful, but this would take sooo long and i don´t think you wanna read all of them ;) so listening up some of the really constant readers i definitively can name Germany (hehe), UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Portugal, Ireland, India, France, Russia, Canada, Brasil and and and ... Just wow for me ;) Thanks to all of you reading my babbling and chattering :) feels somehow great for me to be seen somehow... because in earlier times and all in all i often do not really feel seen by many people :S but this is a different topic which doesn't´t really suit here :) 

Hahaaa and for finishing this post ;) here in Germany we have the first snow now of this year ;) heheee and now when December starts all the christmas fairy lights and markets show and i am so excited for this time of the year always ;)

xxxAll my love 


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