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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jiiiingle all the Way :) *_*

Advent advent, ein Lichtlein brennt. Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier, dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür :) 

A German, lets say poem for the holy time of the year: the Advent :) (I just recognized i do not really know a proper english word for it actually, just christmas time?!) 

These are the cookies we baked:
Schoko Crossies, Spitzbuben,
Guinness-Cookies, Vanillekipferl
Sooo tomorrow there already is the day: Christmas/Holy Eve *_* When i was a little girl this meant something sooo special for me, but honestly i must say this year i am not too much in christmas mood ;) For sure i looooove looking for presents and making them to my beloved ones, and all the shiny bright christmas lights everywhere ;) this just makes this time of the year so special and wonderful ;) I just hope that all in all everything will go on well next year and i can have some peaceful, calm and enjoying days with my family and friends ;) <3 they mean the world to me and after this year again i can truly say i am so happy to have them always by my side :) Danke :) <3 

So how are you spending the Holy Eve this year? With your family or partner, friends, or hopefully not alone? :) I just wish you all the best for this season and what did you do in the past 4 weeks? Celebrate Advent as well?
Here in Germany we enjoy going on Christmas markets, spend time together at Weihnachtsfeiern and bake Plätzchen and cookies :) 
Our Kitchen and living room are decorated a lot this time again ;) 

So for example i went to the Augsburger Christkindlsmarkt this year and also to smaller ones around here in the villages :) Also we light each Sunday in Advent our Christmas Wreath with the four candles for counting the weeks till Christmas Day :) 

Sooo and now i wish you all (No matter in which way you celebrate this special time:)) a wonderful, holy christmas celebration with many laughters, smiles and just a great time ;) Lots of love to all of you ;) xxxxxx


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