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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life changes so fast......;)

Huhuuuuu my Cutiiiies :-*
How are you dooooooiiiing?😃😃
You will never ever believe what happened to me yesterday morning;).......
I was on the way to the primary schooooool where I am doing my working practice for 5 weeks due to university;) And theeeeeen it was like huuuups and i slipped on the street according to the icy ground.... Ooooooutsch:(
I already felt that something was wrong with my left arm, but I still spent the day at the school with all the soooooooooooooo unbelievably cute kiddies:) at lunchtime I went home and my mum immediately took me to Hospital where they checked me and found out my upper arm is broken......:(
Boooah I felt so horrible, MissMager and a broken arm, I am like a broken wreck:(
But I never will loose hope, I am still (even though I would have been allowed to stop doing my stage) continuing my stage and beat both: the pain of my arm, doing everything with only one hand and beeeeeeeat Miss M!!!!!!!;) Never stop fighters, no matter how hard life hits you:( so today as well my oldest 16-year old cat died :( everything at the same time, isn't it... why?:(
The only positive thing about this one hand thing is that it is harder to cheat with food and that is goood!!!! All against this illness!!!!
So enjoy every minute of life, it changes so fast!!!!!!
Love u all and I wish you a happy week;) breathe life in to its fulliest!!!!!!!!


  1. oh no hun ;( oh huni i am so, so sorry, you poor little thing <3 <3 <3 my thoughts and prayers are all with you hun this must be so, so hard for you :( it makes me so so sad hun that such a lovely, sweet, wonderful girl like you should have to go through all this hun ;( But yet you are still being so strong and brave hun and I am just so full of admiration for you hun <3 my heart goes out to you <3

    and your poor little catty <3 aww hun you obviously cared for her so much <3 but i am sure hun she passed away peacefully and she was happy, knowing that she was so deeply loved by you hun <3 <3 <3

    Write to me if you need to huni <3 i am always always here for you hun and i really do hope you are ok <3 lots and lots and LOTS of love and hugs huni <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Oooooh Emmy my special cutiiiiiiie frieeeend *___* Thank you so so so so much for xour fast reply this really makes me sooo unbeliiiievably happy:) and thaaaanks for such lovely motivating words hunniiii;) means the world to me knowing such people as you are!!!! Always help me not to give up, and oh yeees hun I wrote you an email and it felt so good writing al the stuff down to somebody who truly understands them;) thanks for being here for me and remember I as well Always have an open ear for you tooooooo;)Sending you many hugs and kisses

    2. awww <3 anytime huni <3 I felt compelled to write to you hun as this post really touched my heart <3 ooh yes yes I got your beautiful email huni !!! I can't waitttt to read it <3 Lots and lots of love and hugs hun <3 hope you are doing ok <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    3. Ooooh you are so amaziiiing hunniii;) my special little hot chocolate loving friend:) hihiii *__* Your immediate post really helped me coping with all the different things:) i am sooo glaaaaad to have u !!!!! :-* <3

  2. Awww Ange!! I am sooo sorry'! And all at one!! I wish I could take some of the pain away from both your arm and the loss of your belovered pet!! I am sorry!! But she will be in a better place now and will always be up there looking over you!! Always!! I hope things improve over the next week or so as I know it is tough, but it will get better I knw it will you are a beautiful staring girl who I know can get through anything
    My thoughts wi you and your cat,
    And I hope your arm heals nice and fast too!!
    Lots of love Livvy
    Xoxox, and I will always be he for you if you need to talk, always no that
    Xoxoxoxoxoxo :)

  3. Oh I am sorry that was meant to say ' strong girl' not staring, silly me need to read it properly befor I publish it!!

    Lots of love Livvy!!
    Stay strong things are tough but it will get better!! Xoxox you are perfect just being you!

    1. Omg*___* Livvy, what a cute comment!!! Realy made me soooo happy and pushed me to go on!! Sorry for the rather late reply, but writing on my laptop with only one hand unfortunaly takes a loooot of time:( believe me it isn't easy to do EVERYTHING with only one hand:( such an enerving thing:( buuut I already get used to it and it surely will get easier step by step:) just like letting Miss Mager go: steady but it takes time!!! Oooh your words really are so lovely :-*and help me so much grabbing hope and motivation!!! You are such an amazing girl, so I am soooooosoo glad for getting to know you!!!! this really makes me stronger and helps me never to loose hope;) Thanks so much again and I hope you are doing well and everything is fine!!!! Greetings, hugs and kisses toooo (probably sunny?:)) NZ from snowy Germany:) :-* xxxx Ange