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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fear Food Fridays? :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey my Cuuties :-*
Anyway I am soooooo uncreative in the laaast days, which really enerves meeeeeeee :(
Any topic suggestiooooons?=) because I want to write sooo much more on my blog, but with only one had this also takes sooo long :(stupid aaaarm :( and I am so sorry for less posting :) -I hope sooooooooo much you still will visit my blog now and theeeeeeen and it doesn´t get boring :(

buuut I made myself a goaaaaal: by getting rid of the gypsum at my arm, I will also get rid of Miiiiss Mager! :) I know this is sooo necessary! :)
Sooo but now back to the actual topic I wanted to write about: FEAR FOOD FRIDAYS
So yesterday evening when I went on Instagram and read about like 100000000000 comments on so called fear food fridays :) have u ever heard of them ? On such daaaays everyone tries to force him or herself to scratch off something from their fear food list by eating something from it ;) sometimes people also share these meals by trying these things out together, like eating a whole bar of chocolate or a pint of ice-cream together :) what is your opinion of that ?=) I mean do you think it is helpful taking such an intention every week? on the one hand I think it is very very brave of all of the fighters for slowly working off their ff-lists (Like I am doing it as well with mine :D) buuuut on the other hand I think it is not sooo tactic only doing this once a week in an enormously planned way :) because of course I am very proud of every single fighter for forcing himself to try out new scary things (cheeeeeeer up!) but in my opinion this should happen by the time I decide it spontaneously, when I(!) feel ready for doing it =) don´t torture yourself with confronting yourself every single week with something which brings pain to you =) take your time working your list off, I promise you one day you will all be able to enjoy EVERY goodie from your ff-list : you are all worth recovery and I believe in every single one of you that you will be able to make it to full recovery ! believe in yourself just as I believe in you=)
Aaaaaand most important, what I actually wanted to say with this post, taaaaake your time =) you WILL reach your goal, no matter how long it takes, it will feel right and it will happen ;) I promise uuuuuu :) 
Love u all sooo much and have faith in yourself=) 
Puuuuuh next week my stage in primary school will go on, buuuut I am so much looking forward to all the cute kiddiiiiiiiiiies:-* *_____*
xxx wish you all a lovely evening


  1. awwww your blog would NEVER get boring hun <3 we are all here for you huni whatever happens and it is perfectly understandable hun that you haven't been able to blog as regularly, it must be very hard with your arm!! Sending you all the well wishes in the world huni and I hope it gets better soon <3 oh and that is a brilliant goal hun: as your arm gets stronger so too will you hun, and if you can get rid of the gypsum, so too can you throw away Miss Mager FOREVER huni <3

    Awwww topic suggestions hmmm ;) well hun everything you write is always so so lovely and never fails to bring a great big smile to my face <3 well you know how interested I am in baking hun so a post on traditionla baking and cooking in Germany would be soo cool hun <3 and also hun I think that me and you should do some positive blog challenges together, what do you think hun? ;) And also hun maybe a post on any advice you might give you readers from your own experience of recovery <3 love you loadssss huni :* ooh I finished writing a letter for a very special someone today!! ;) <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. OMG *___*:-* My special- hot choc-hunniiiiiiii Emmy you cannot imagine how much your inspiring, lovely, cute, adoooorable and funny (*hihiiii*) cheered me up the day I first read them ;) (read it ca. 100000 x times since you wrote them :)) Oh thanks sooo much for the bleeeessing wishes :) I really really want to get rid of booth of them as soon as possible : and I wish it so so much for the both of us and all the other amaaaaaazingly strong fighters who are reading this :) hope everything is going good for you hunniii?=) if you want to talk you know: I am always here for you :-*
    This sounds so cute <3 makes me feel so happy to hear sty from such a motivational and inspiring idol just as YOU are :) hihiiiiiiiiii oh yes I know your passion for baking and remember about the plans for our own little bakery in near future hunniiiii *_*
    Oh what a nice idea!!!! I love the thought of doing such a challenge on our both blogs :) would you already have anything in mind or any ideas about which topic we could do it ;)?
    Oh suuure -I would also love doing that, for sure too :)
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOmg your letter hunniiii ;) can´t waaaaaaaaaaaaait for it any longer *_____* buuut don´t stress yourself with it :) i am soooo exited for it, believe meeee :)
    loooooots and lots of loooooooove :-* xxxxxxx

    1. awwww you are so welcome huni :* aww yes I am going to post it tomorrow huni, hopefully it won't be long before it is popping through your letterbox ;) awww and I am always always ALWAYS here for you too huni, no matter what <3

      Heehee I could never forget our bakery plan hun ;) Ange's and Emmy's Bakery, aww it would be too cute hun <3 Hmmm ideas for blog challenges hun would be, perhaps the one which enocourage positive thinking, the top 10 things we could not live without, the top 10 (or morehun ;) ) places in the world we would like to visit - these are just some of the ideas I have hun ! ;)
      Aww nightnight hun <3 lots and lots of loveeeee to you too Ange hun <3 xxxxx

    2. This is soooo lovelyyyy hunniiii =) honestly can´t wait for it =) hopefully the post runs as fast as possible =) and this statement means so much to me Emmy, I am so thankful for such amaaaazing people and real friends just as you are ;) having all of you in my life is such a pleasure to me, beliiiieve me ;)
      Oh and this cute little bakery will have to be placed at our favorite chosen point in the world, which we decide after our trip :) hihiii probably it will be in Ireland hun? =) we both love this isle so much, right? =)
      Oooooh those are lovely ideas hun ;) I really like them, also the ones you wrote me and Olivia in your sweet mail :) we definitively have to do them ;)
      Knuuutschaaaa (hihii this means something like a little kiss in my very own personal german style ) =) hehehee :-* lots of love from hereeee xxx

    3. Awwww <3 you are so sweet huni :* haha that is SUCH a good idea hun yes!! After the trip hun! ;) Though Ireland is very special indeed huni! Anyway we shall seeeeee when we have traveled throughout Europe hun! ;)
      Awww I am glad you liked them hun <3 Shall we do one today?? (Or whenever you see this comment hun ;) :*

      Awww that is so so cute huni :* I also want to send my extra-special Nutella-loving friend a póg beag (irish for little kiss hun ;) ) and one massive hug <3
      Lots and lots of love and best wishes to my cutie Ange hun <3 Hope you're well huni <3 xxx

    4. Oooooh thaaanks so much my Sweetie *_*
      Oh yes definitively :) we are going to chose the most beautiful point to share all of our goooooodies :)
      Aaabsolutely great idea hun :) I would love to do one today ;) so feel free to chooooose the one you would love to do =) I definitively will take part, okay? :)
      Hihiiiii thaaaanks so much for this one :) sending you such log beags baaaack :) and also some Bussis :) I also wish you so much the best my lovely hot chocletarian :) xxx

    5. Awwww :* well huni, I do think Sligo might well be a possibility, as this gorgeous county is very special to both of us hun <3
      Heehee ok hun ;) shall we do the a-z of favourite things challenge hun? ;) I will do it on my blog now hun ! ;) can't wait to see yours!! ;) xxxxx

      Awww hun you're so so cute <3 lots of love to you too huni :* xxxx