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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Whaaaaat special day is todaaaaay? =) *_*

Heyheyheyheeeeeey my Sweeties ;)


I know it nearly almost is over (at least here in Germany ;)), but I absoluteeeeeely have to honor this special day even if it is simply according to my blog ;) 
Sooooo what did you eat nutellalike today? =) hihiii I tried to use it as often as possible of course ;) hahaa for example there was no question on what to put on my toast for breakfaast;) I am sure you guess what :D
This is my hand with my personal
   Nutella jar (my name was sold, so I
       simply took one with "engelchen" which
means angel in german ;) haha:D
Soooooo nooow finally my exams are over noooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just earlier this day I did my last one in sport :) it was theoretical :) and now I am done for this term :) yeeeah ;) but next week I have to start my 5-week internship at a primary school ;) On the one hand I am really looking forward  to it, but on the other I just neeeeeeed holiday now ;) but first off is carnival now ;) 

Hope you are all having a good time and keep bravely fighting your personal Miss Mager ;) I for my part am still keeping it up as good as it is possible for me :) eating, eating, eating!!! Never forget that and even though sometimes it really feels hard and I have the feeling of a never ending vicious-circle,  I never will give in, because I then have a look at a very very bright and shining future, which I can´t have with not enough weight :) So I always remember that to myself and remind me of what my future is going to offer to me ;)
And especially on World Nutella Day I am so thankful for all of your support my lovelies ;) you can´t believe what your words and clicks mean to me and they make me so happy :-* 
Nuteella helped me eating again and so do you, so a very special thank you to all of you who read "How Nutella saved my Life"  :) THANK YOU!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy another spoonful of Nutella right out of the jar now ;) Sleep well :-*


  1. Haha this is soo cute Ange!! :D keep up the great work!!
    And happy world nutella day to you too!!
    Lots of love Livvy
    Xoxox :)

    1. Aaaaaw *__* so lovely Livvy thaaank you:-* Such a day is a pleasure isn't it? :D So tell my Sweetie did you enjoy Nutella on this special one? hihiii:)
      Sending u lots of love tooooo