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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Time is here :) *_*

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Sweeties :)

Yes Miss Mager, last year I gave you all my heart :S not only at christmas :( and you in contrast to the song text didn´t give it away, you kept it :( You completely took it from me....

But enough of all the negativity hunniiiiiiiiies *_*
GOOOD GOOD NEWS: I will be allowed to spend Christmas Eve at home with my family :) OMG this makes me so so unbelievably happy and I also can tell you why :)
Last weekend I had the permission of leaving the clinic over the weekend and I was spending it at home with all my loved ones :) It was SO amazing for me, really.... <3
My family helped me so so much with all my meals and I truly enjoyed simply being together with them ;) we absolutely didn´t do anything too special, just being at home and baking christmas cookies, meeting with my beloved neighbors and relatives and visiting a little christmas market in a cute little town just around here :) I absolutely never thought such simple and normal things could any time make me happy again ;) but it was so wonderful being around with those I LOVE ;) THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO MADE IT SO SPECIAL FOR ME ;) I know I am exaggerating it probably a bit, but I was so happy ;) and now I can´t wait for Thursday *_______*

So today the sun is shining here so beautifully and the Chiemsee is appearing in such a magical and misty, dusty sunny light :) really really pretty ;) 
But because of the sun there truly is no christmas mood coming up to me..... :) but I try to decorate my room as much as possible to have more christmas feelings coming up ;) hehe
This is me and another girl here in the clinic :)

So and also this weekend I was able to spend Papa´s birthday with Mama and him around here and it was so great to see them both happy *_* 
Yesterday I also went with 5 other girliiiies from here by boat to the Herreninsel in the Chiemsee, where such a worldwide known castle called Herrenchiemsee is built... :) So we made a guided tour and had much fun together :) In the evening me and another girl also went for a sparkling wine into a bar just around the corner :) So all in all I had a lovely weekend and my therapies are just starting today again ;) Let´s see how this week will be and I can´t wait to here from you ;) How are you spending the Christmas days and especially did you offer any special wishes??? ;) It would be so so cool to hear from you my dears :) Love u all so much and I hope I now will be able to blog more often again ;) Sorry for my lack of postings ;) xxxx


  1. Freut mich so dass du heimdarfst, wünsche dir ein frohes Fest und ALLES GUTE!
    Gib Miss Mager einen Tritt in den Allerwertesten und lass sie im alten Jahr zurück, sie verdient es nicht, weiterzuleben.
    Ich drück dich, ganz liebe Grüße Maria

    1. Heeeey Maria ;) Danke dir so sehr für diesen supeeeersüßen Kommentar!! ;) Hab mich so unbandig darüber gefreut, ehrlich! <3 Und du hast vollkommen recht, in 2016 sollte sie keinen Platz mehr in unserem Leben haben ;) immer weitermachen!! ;)
      Drück dich auch ganz arg, bleib stark meine Liebe ;) xxx

  2. It's so wonderful to hear from you my dear friend! You sound in good spirits and I really do hope that you are <3 You should receive my parcel soon, I hope it reaches you in time for Christmas! I'm wishing you such a wonderful Christmas at home with your family! Sending you love and warm wishes xxxxx

    1. Ohhhh Annie <3 what a lovely post *_* Thank you so so much for everything ;) I truly admire your strength hun ;) And I caaaaaan´t wait for the parcel!! OMG I am so excited about it ;) Love u so much and stay strong my dear, I know we can make it out of all of this shit illness!! ;) xxx Hope so much you are fine!! :) Kisses to Wales xxx

  3. hey du, bist du in der klinik am chiemsee? :) vermutlich, oder? <3

    1. Hallööööchen ;) Ja genau in der Schön Klinik, kennst du die? ;) <3