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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nikolaustaaaaaaag =)

Huhuuuuuuuu my honeybeeeees :)
Toooooday in Germany is St. Nikolaus Day :) which commonly is celebrated in most of the parts ;) but not in every other country in the world this day means the same, as for example the children in the Netherlands receive most of their presents at this day and not at the 24th or christmas day *_* but why is this? All the different ways of celebrating christmas in the world, and what is a common tradition in each country? :) 

This was something I truly got interested in this year and so I decided to make an advent calendar for my Family, in which I present them each day a poster of the traditions of how to celebrate christmas in 24 different plaaaaaces.... :) 

So I honestly took so much time to make it and to do research especially on the internet of all of the used traditions, which make each state a special one for itself ;) I truly got so fascinated of all the differences, but also the similarities some of them share ;) So this is why I send each day a poster to my family in which I explain another country ;) 
I truly would love to publish all of them here on my blog, because maybe you are also interested in this topic as well? But I wrote it all in German :S so I just give you an impression by posting the one of today: Hahaa it is Germany :) 
•In Germany, the time of Advent starts on 01 December, and most people have an advent calendar on which they are allowed to open one door every day (this is available in various versions like for example: Chocolate, images, filled individually, jewelery, ...)
•Four sundays before Christmas the wreaths of Advent are lit, and every Sunday again the next candle. In addition, all homes are festively decorated with fairy lights, candles, Christmas decorations, a crib and a Christmas tree wirh baubles
•On 06 December Saint Nikolaus is celebrated,  on which the children put their boots in front of the doors and hope that Santa Claus (and not Knecht Ruprecht) puts in candy or small gifts and treats
•On Christmas Eve, the children receive their gifts and presents from the Christkind and the family spends a nice evening together and afterwards visit the Christmas service in their town
•The Christmas meal varies, depending on region and family traditions: Whereas in the one area a stew or sausages with fries or potato salad is common, others have for example share roasted meat or other goodies
•Throughout the whole season of Advent the Germans are known for baking very much cookies and biscuits, which also goes back to  an old tradition: Spitzbuben, Lebkuchen, Nougatbällchen, Lübecker Leckerli, Kokosmakronen, Zimtsterne, Vanillekipferl, Früchtebrot, Spekulatius, Christstollen or Dominosteine
In addition, at the beginning of all the celebrations throughout the whole country numerous Christmas markets open their doors, where you can buy and eat all kinds of Christmas goodies and drinks: decorations, small gifts, mulled wine, gingerbread
•On 06 January, the Germans also celebrate the Three Kings by providing their figures in their cribs

Okay now if you want to get more from my little calendar about all the different traditions from around the world simply leave a comment or contact me ;) Hope you like it ;) Kisseeeeees for you :) 


  1. Ich kann die fotos gar nicht sehen :(
    Wie lange bist du noch in der klinik? Und wie klappt es mit dem essen?

    1. Heeeeeey Anna ;)
      Viiiiielen lieben Dank für die Rückmeldung!!!!!!! ;) Wäre mir ansonsten gar nicht aufgefallen, dass man die Bilder und den Adventskalender gar nicht sehen kann :S SHit I can´t put the pictures in, the way you can see it :( I now try to change the post and show it to you okay? ;) So I hope it will be possible for you to see the text and some of the pictures of it ;)
      Puuuh, ich weiß noch nicht genau wie lange ich noch hier sein werde, aber mit dem Essen läuft soweit alles ganz okay, ich muss immer noch versuchen mich ständig n bissl zu steigern, aber ich hoffe es wird alles wieder ganz normal ;) wie geht es denn dir? ;)
      Bussiiii ;) xxx

  2. Hallo liebe Ange, wie geht's dir? Hoffe dass du Weihnachten zu Hause verbringen kannst und es dir schon bald wieder gut geht. Das Leben ist so schön, lass nicht zu dass Miss Mager es dir versaut.
    Keep on fighting! We are stronger.
    Love and hugs, Maria