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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Settling in and first advent :)


I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful first day of December ;) The laaaast month of this crazy, harmful and confusing year 2015 =) 
I hope you all have an advent calendaaaaaar? :) I am such a addict according to this, because I always feel so unbelievably happy opening one door after each other ;) Hahaa and guess now how many I got? ;) 

  1. one little postcard one 
  2. a self-made one with pictures from my family *_*
  3. a little self bought nostalgic one with pictures as well ;)

  4. a jewelry one, in which there is one necklace and everyday a different pendant shows up
  5. and a self made calendar, which my little cousins made for me ;) such a lovely idea of them. Every day a little self tinkered handcraft is coming out :) Isn´t this sweet? =)

OOOOOOOH I know there are already many pictures now, but I definitively have to show you an updated foto of my room here, beeeeecause my Daddy visited me on Sunday and he brought so many many things to decorate ;) Omg, look at this wonderful christmas lights!!!! *_* and down on the right, you can see the calender from my cousins ;) 

To keep u updated a little bit as well, I know also had my first eating release, which meeeeeans I now finally was allowed to out outside the clinic with my Papa!!! *_* We shared Pizza and it was so amazing honestly!!!!!! Oh and also I now made it to the next table, which means I have more freedom a little bit ;) but I also had to increase my portion sizes, which isn´t easy in any form :S But I am ruffling my way through ;) 
Love u all so much and I hope the christmas feelings also soon will appear a little bit more ;) 
Wish you all a lovely daaaay ;)
Me kissing Santa :) *_*


  1. I really like the letter with smudgy painting! so creative :) Ange do you have personal email that i can sent to?
    have a nice day :)



    1. Heeeeeeey huuun <3
      Oh sooo lovely of you my dear ;) so happy to hear from you and I definitively would LOVE to receive some mail from you!!! ;) my email adreess is:
      And I really can´t wait to hear from you also per mail, because how are you doing at the moment? ;)
      xxxx Lots of love