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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Never look back...

Oooooooooooooooonly to see how much you already reached !!!!!!!!!!

Yeeeees heeelloooo again my Sweeties :) 
I am so sorry for my longer absence now, but I absolutely didn´t really know what to blog about without boring you :S And I also experience so many many new things in life at the moment now, as my apprenticeship now fully started :) 
So many things are new for me again, like on thursday I had my first day at school again (I have to go there on this and on friday each week =)) and met many foreign people and it was so exciting, but all in all positive for me ;) I am really looking forward to how it will be in the next lessons :) Hahaaa no i will not be a swot!!!!!! Surely not, I swear :) :D 
Also I really can say: I like my job and my working place a lot ;) All the co-worker are so nice and ready to help :) 
Buuuuut what I notice a lot at this time now: The weather influences my mood so much and changes my attitude as well :S this is so confusing for me ;) SO now the last few weeks/even months, the weather here in Germany was so warm, sometimes sunny and nice as well, and now this is changing, especially now it gets colder, darker, rainy, foggy and misty so many days.... I absolutely don´t like it! :S buuuut of course I can´t change anything about it (maybe emigrating to a southern country would be an option? Haha :D) 
DO you know what I mean? ;) Maybe some of you also have this problem and can help me by dealing with it? I would love so much to hear some coping strategies with this :) 
I also did some considerations and asked some friends and family ;) Like for example if the weather outside is so bad (just as today here: Rain, rain, rain...)
you should do something which distracts you from negative thoughts, like watching a movie, read a book, take a nap, have a chat, coffee date with friends, LAUGH and go on ;) For sure, those are some great strategies which maybe sometimes will help you pass this episode, but for gaining more positivity in life, always have a look back to your worst time, and how you never wanna have it again ;) For me looking back is so important : Not to see how bad I really behaved, felt and was lonely, NO for seeing how much I reached since this point and how it developed into the positive direction ;) and seeing this, most of the time always gives me hope and power to continue on and gain happiness back ;) 
Maybe you can also be creative according to this topic ;) this is a poster i made in the clinic
for distracting myself and helping me cope with everything ;) 

So just have a look at your lowest point to see where you started and why you started and how much is possible to still reached ;) because being down at the point when I decided to go to the clinic I would never have thought that someday I will be able again to start a real job and build up a "normal all-day" life again :) 
So never loose hope my dears, I absolutely know so well how it feels to just wanna give up, but please no ;) and if you are down, it may also helps you (just like me) to write down your thoughts, because this sometimes frees your mind and makes you feel good and calmed as well ;) 
Sending you all my love my cuuuties :) xxxxxxxxx *_*