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Monday, September 5, 2016

Saying NO in life :)

Gooood good morning my honeeeeys ;)

Now it is official: I am an apprentice!!!!! Oh yes! My apprenticeship started on Thursday ;) Haha actually not sooo much was new for me, because I already worked there half day, as I mentioned before, I think? =) So now I am an Azubi as an assistant tax consultant :D (I looked up the job description on the translator :D) 

But again enough about me ;) I feel like my blog sometimes gets too much about my personal self :) so I thought about writing about an important topic, which I myself still often struggle a lot with : SAYING NO 
Of course this doesn´t mean saying no in every life sector, because saying no to my meal plan or to new exciting capitals of my life would be stupid and inexcusable :S but the topic I truly mean is saying no to things which tie you down, make you sad or force you to things you do not even wanna do or which stress you!!!! One of the main goals in life should be being happy and in peace with yourself and this sometimes/often also includes saying no to negatives!!!! 

Never try to be a person, who you really are not, just because someone wants you to be this way or to function like they want it ;) If it gets too much for you, tell them, and don´t worry if they truly are friends, they will understand it! And if they are not, I also made this experience through my illness, it absolutely is the better to not having them into your life! For me in some cases it after some time really felt relieving and liberating :)
And also it is in recovery from an illness or an addiction: You have to do it for yourself!!! All by yourself and all for the person you wanna be ;) so saying no to things which keep you away from becoming this one, is essential!!!!!!! 

Another point which you also have to learn to is: Saying no to bad habits and negative attached habits :) like those you may follow because of your addiction :) For me I also precisely know them, and each day is a fight against giving in to those!! Because for getting rid of them, there is no magic healing, it all is lying in your own hands and behaviors! By time, I learned, that the best way coping with those is replacing them by rather positive habits, which I probably liked or enjoyed in earlier days, like childhood maybe ;) especially the exchange of your own thoughts is so important at this topic ;) 

Puuuuuuh now I babbled so much again, but this all was in my mind now, and I hope this does nnot bore you okay? :) 
Sending you a many kisses and for now, I am going to the Plärrer with some very good friends ;) (not sure if i once explained it, but the Plärrer is the German Oktoberfest in a smaller version here in Augsburg =)) 
xxxxxxxxxx <3 


  1. Great post Ange, thanks so much for writing it! I really struggle with saying no. I feel like I have to do everything that I am told to do so that I don't get into trouble and so that I can keep people happy and please them. Also, I have tried to say no in the past, but I wasn't listened to and got really hurt, so now I don't believe I can say no because nobody will listen to me anyway. Don't think I'm making sense, sorry!

    Have a great time at the Plärrer! Sending you bunches of love and hugs from your Welsh girl! xxxxxxxxxxxxx