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Thursday, December 1, 2016

1st Deceeeeember *_*

Huhhuuuuuuuu my Angeeeeeels :-*

Are you already in Christmas mood? :) I definitively have to admit, that I still try to get into it :) buuuut I nevertheless decorated our whole house with little christmas decorations like pinecones, candles, and many other cheesy decorations haha :D but even though one second before i told you i am not so much in the mood, i still am so happy that today on the 1st of December (OMG where is the whole year gone? :S can´t believe it is already the end of 2016 :D) 
So to keep you a little bit updated in my life :) I amm really really happy at the moment ;) because i kind of feel more free at the moment because i left some things in the past now, which were really bothering me for the last few weeks now ;) i do not wanna go into details, because this was something very personal and i am glad i broke it up now ;) so i feel free on this topic again now and also i feel so much more being free, going out and having fun ;) I feel so much more confident and this uplifts me so much ;) *_* 
But what else is going on? :) next week i have my first exams in school ;) in a subject which is called "Allgemeine Wirtschaftslehre" could maybe be translated as general business theory (it is very boring haha ;D) ;) and i hope it will be okay ;) 

Sooooo but also today I got such a sweet wake up :) when I came down to make my brekkie I already opened the 1st door of my self bought advent calendar ;) which contains old vintage style pictures and each day you receive a little letter or a card with a sweet nostalgic poem, quote or saying ;) today it was such a cute one from Christian Morgenstern ;) which I knew from my childhood but haven´t heard for such a long while ;) also the surprise was my mummy and daddy bought me a biiiiiiig advent calendar with real handmade truffle pralines *_* which i will enjoy noooow this year!!!!!! Not like last year whereas this whole christmas time i was in the clinic..... :S Also my mam gave me a wonderful mandala advent calendar, where i can color each day a new one and put it in a frame ;) such a cute idea isn´t it? 
So this is the one with the truffleeees :) and in the back you
can see our advent wrath with the 4 candles ;) 

Hahaa and bexause i am such a crazy girl ;D I also bought myself a small one with one earring for each day ;) those are just such small symbols like stars, snowflakes, diamonds, etc..... so i will change one of my earrings each day ( by the way in the whole i have 5 ear holes:S heheee so i can change many varieties ::)
The one in the middle is the earring one and the one on the right the mandala ;) 
And the best follows now: Call me crazy ;) buuuuuut every year (with the exeption of last year) I (and my sister in earlier years as well) build up one of my two playmobil toy advent calendars ;) :D OMG :) but i am such a little girl according to this ;) every year i put it up and place each figure and toy at its place in the stage ;) :D childish isn´t it? ;) but i enjoy being that little girl again each year ;) 

this is the nostalgic one with the cute letters ;) 
Just a short blink in my room now ;) 

Sooo much for this day now ;) Hahaa aand something to today i also wanna share with you my loveliiiiies ;) TODAY was the day i baked my first ever irish guinness bread ;) all alone by myself ;) hahaa i just was in the mood and never baked some bread before but i saw we had guinness at home and read a recipe on the interner and now we will see how it turned out ;) ahha master chief is calling :) ääääh no rather not !!!!!

I wish you all a wonderful, christmas time with many happy days now ;) xxxxxxx enjoy <3


  1. I was thinking of you today as I opened my very special all the way from Germany Advent calendar! You're so lovely! I literally just bought you your Christmas present too!!!!!!

    I'm so proud of you for sorting out whatever it was in the past that was bothering you. Hopefully you can keep striding forwards now. I'm always here for you if you need to chat about anything <3 I know how difficult it can be.

    That's so cool you have 5 ear holes, I've got 8 - I got 2 more done this week - conch and forward helix, I love it! What holes have you got done?

    Sending you all my love and Welsh hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Aaaaaaw hey Annie :) I am so so glad and most of all haaaappy that you like my little present ;) I just love the christmas time and I think sharing it is so wonderful ;) Oh and isn´t the picture too cute with the little fawns?! *_* Oh and i looooove to know that i always can talk to you, this means so muuuch to me!!!!! You really have to know this ;) I am also always here for you my welsh giiirlie ;)
      Aaaah really, you have 8 ear holes? Wow this is soooo cool ;) I love it ;) I have 3 on my left ear and 2 on the right and a tragus on the right and a ring at the top of my right one ;) you know what i mean haha? ;) Oh I wish you a wonderful evening now ;) Lots and lots of looove xxxxxxx

    2. Yeah I just put a photo in my latest blog post if you want to see! I love tragus looks so cool doesn't it bet yours looks great! Night night xxxxxxxxxx