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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Puuuh I was having the fluuuuu :S :(

Helloooooooo my cuuties ;) xxx

Yes, the topic mostly describes it perfectly, doesn´t it? :D 
Oh i can tell you, i haven´t had fever since over 3 years or something like that, but last week on wednesday it really hit me.... :S 
It all started with kind of a confusing feeling of dumbness all over on tuesday evening, and then on wednesday when i stood up i felt really strange, so i decided not to go to work and chill ;) and then around lunchtime i suddenly felt so cold inside, like i was shaking and felt like i never would be warm again, even layered with 3 wool blankets and a hot water bottle :S so we measured my temperature and it was like 38,3 and my head felt like it was going to explode :S okaaay so the rest of the day and the next three ones was on the couch and in the bed :S not leaving the house any time felt so confusing for me:S and so on sunday when i finally thought i was over the worst part of it, i started sneezing and coughing :( haaha like everything would like to hit me in one week :) 
But nevertheless, it all passes and this week i already was fit as half a fiddle again :S Haha :D 
Chilling my time with my great company my cat Bobbel;) 

Sooomething i really realized at being sick is aaaagain (who wonders?:D) who really cares about you and your well being and blessing and how important ones health truly is :) You know what i mean? I starved myself so much the past few years with eating less and less and when something like a flu hits me i worry about myself ;) for me realizing this absolutely made me feel like a full idiot :) I mean, why am i concerned about my health when i can´t change something about being ill, but choosing to make me feel sick, powerless, hungry and starving is okay? Puh this really made me think again, how unbelievably harmful the own mind can be........
SO never look back, only in front!!!!!!
Wish you now a wonderful weekend my dears ;) Is carnival also celebrated in your country? ;) here it is starting right now ;) with all the costumes ;) I am going to do a devil :) HAAHa ;) 


  1. I hope you're feeling better now Ange!! Take care, much love my friend xxxxxxx