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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Faaaaasching :)

Hallööööchen meine Liiiiiiiieben *_* 

This is Germaaaaaaan ;) and because i live in Germany and now also a typical German festivity is celebrated, i will also be a little bit traditional and thought of telling you a little bit more about my hooooooome ;) Its carnival or we call it "Fasching" =) 
Many people here name it the 5th season of the year (I never really celebrated it thaaat much, but since last year i wasn't able to go to any celebration because i was in the clinic, i now reeeeaally enjoy it much more :)) 
Do you know carnival in your country? Of course i think you all have heard of the biig carnival in Rio :) I don´t really know much about this one but here in Germany we celebrate it with many "Faschingsumzüge" and other celebrations like balls or parties :) 
So tomorrow and nearly every weekend now many of such processions take place in all kind of villages :) big or small ones ;) 
So this one was made today ;) with a feeeew small drinks before ;)
Hahaa the fun thing we didn´t even recognize or know the guy in the background :D
Me, my sis Susi and my neighbour Franzi <3 

The special thing about carnival is, everybody (or all of those who want to :D) dresses up in fancy outfits and special costumes :) so you may not even will be able to identify them ;) haha :D the last few years i went out dressed up as a housemaid with everything like a dust wiper and such stuff ;) Awww and what do i do this year? ;) I am a real devil this year :D haha :) I just bought a devilish red short dress and a hairband with horns and some other little details ;) Of course deeeeeep down in my inner soul i of course am more an angel than a devil ;) just as my name already says haha :) but sometimes you just have to go against the crowd :D just jooooking ;) 

So toooday i was also going to a Faschingsumzug, a carnival parade, and this is just very much fun, because many little towns all create different carnival dares with many mottos and topics ;) like for example super mario, pirates, witches, vampires, ..... and they all go in a convoy through the streets with looooooud music and throwing sweets at the people standing in the streets watching and cheering them ;) Even though i never was part of such a special carnival union, i loooove watching them and afterwards always is a big party :) and with all the costumes and masks of the people this is so much fun ;) 

So how is this time of the year celebrated wherever you live? ;) 
Wish you a gooood night now my honeeeeys :) 
xxx Just enjoy the ride ;) my motto right now :) <3


  1. That looks fun! I hope you're having a great time! We don't have carnivals this time of year. Next week, we have something called Shrove Tuesday where we make pancakes to use up all the treats in the house before giving something up for Lent. And then of course, 40 days later is Easter! Take care Ange you little red devil!! Xxx

    1. Hahaa Annie you are so wonderful ;) *_* thanks so much for stopping by :) Love it ;) Oh and it is also so interesting for me to hear you don´t celebrate it so much like we do here but also in a really special way ;) which sounds also like a really special and cool tradition isn´t it? :) Hahaa you are so cute ;) my welsh girliiie ;) Lots of looove ;) <3

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  4. Oh and it is also so interesting for me to hear you don´t celebrate it so much like we do here but also in a really special way