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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Overthinking and routine kills.... :)

Huhhuuuuuuuuu my Sweetnuts ;)
I know the topic sounds not very happy, springily and flowery, but actually it just features this blog post which i wanted to write since aaaages very well ;) 
Just a few short updateeeees about life right now ;) 
it of course needed to be pink ;) haha :D 

Sooo carnival is now over and i maaaade many many great new experiences, met many new cool people and simply had a fuuuuun and amazing time ;) which i really didn´t expect at all, because i never was such a carnival person, but it was so nice *_* 
Aaaaaaand so i had no school this week, but also work ;) but today i took the day off simply all in all for ME and went shopping to Augsburg ;) the weather was so lovely and warm so i went into the Annastra├če and did some clothes and present shopping ;) AAAnd relatively spontaneous i decided to go to the piercer and maaaade a belly piercing ;) Hahaa :D this was something i was so unsure, but now i gooooot it ;) Heeeeell yes ;) Sorry i am a bit euphoric right now ;) last evening and today i am doing now absolutely nothing, because after last week the end dash of carnival and friday night out i am so tiiiiired haha ;S 

So now back again to my post intention ;) 
Something which i sooo often always realize again and again: Having some routine of course is necessary for every-day life but it especially if you have some tendency for any kind of addictions caaan be dangerous :S For me this always shows in the smallest little things which can suddenly make me feel confused in any situation :S Like for example, since i started working and also at any day in the week my eating times vary so so much that it really became unimportant for me, which at my worst time was like a succession of rituals and processions :( Oh this was so horrible thinking only about food each day and it became a habit and a routine :( it became worse and worse day by day if you don´t break through it and change something ;) so on the weekend i stand up later and make my breakfast also later and at working days i eat my bread for lunch and the warm meal for dinner :) so this simply varies and i lost the kind of ritual thing for it ;) So keep varying also the smallest things so that there is no chance of it becoming too strict for you ;) 

Also another thing i wanted to write about such a long time ago is my tendency of overthinking really EVERYTHING :) It kinda is like if i am/was having a great time and i totally enjoyed myself afterwards i pass every little detail again and again in my head and paraphrase like 1000 things into it .... of course: negative ones and i think i made this and that wrong again :( I hate this, because i know when i made it i was feeling so great and also mostly confident and sure about it :S So this truly makes me insecure afterwards and unhappy so this is a real problem for me, because i am such a person who enjoys something with her heart if she feels for it ;) but if i don´t feel comfortable i also immediately start asking myself what decisions i took were wrong or why i am feeling not good right where i am :( puuuuh a little bit confusing right? =) 
Haha so i better head up to bed right now ;S But i hope you somehow understood what i wanted to tell you about :) all going on in my head :S :D 
So i wish you a wonderful night now and a great start into the new week ;) hopefully it will be a good one ;) Lots of looove xxxx


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