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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Calm down, relaaaax.. :) Life is coooool

HUhuuuuu huuuns ;) and all my buns :) 

How are you? It is the middle of the week and i am a bit powerless already puuuuh :) don´t exactly know why but feeling a bit dizzy since yesterday and i hope this will paaaass ;) staying optimistic ;) because on the weekend i am going to a big big concert ;) *_* Felix Jaehn is coming to Augsburg ;) hehe and guess who was a ticket ????? -><-

So one thing i also realized today is (One thing is: I am a very aggressive car driver :D haha) that something i truly have to work on is calming down and not being over the point as soon as i get a little stressed or under pressure ;S because i am so much like from 0 to 180 in one second or something ;) this exactly happens for example on my way to work ;) I nearly start from home on time (maybe already a few seconds late) but then i have like 100 slow trucks in front of me or which is rather as annoying as a truck a car which never drives in the normal allowed speed ;) they seem like they wanna win an award as the slowest people on the street ever :D haha i am too sarcastic now, i am sorry, but today i was in a bit of a hurry and i really went in such an aggressive mood because all people driving so slow and damn in a slow queue :( I really had to calm down afterwards :( I know this sounds like a really stupid problem, but for me this makes me feel stressed :( and i know the only way becoming less aggressive is getting started earlier for less time problems :( but this is something i am so bad at managing :( haha time management is not my strong point :DDD

This also is in many parts of my life a challenge for me: Time management and general management and organization itself :S

But more about this topic in the next post ;) I am now going to watch the "Bachelor" (haha you guys know this dating show in your country as well? ;)) soooo stupid but funny to watch :D wish you all a wonderful night now ;) xxxxxxxxxx 


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