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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Welcome in 2018 :) what will it offer? :) or take?.........

Huhuuuu Cuties :) 

WELCOME IN 2018 *openingupabottleofsparklingwine* 
I wish you a wonderful enjoyable new year with lots of hopefully great memories and experiences you wanna remember :) For myself this upcoming year will for sure not become an easy one .... In the progress you all for sure will notice why... I made some decisions which will be necessary to say completely goodbye to my illness...But more later :DD 

Soooo my therapist asked me today something really really confusing or worth thinking about :S She said, where do you see yourself in two years from now? :) When all that fuck with illness and feeling sad is over? Do you have a perspective in life? :) WOW and that truly hit me .... and you know why? ;) Because i absolutely had no idea of what to answer!!!!!! :) 

Where do i see myself? Hmmm.... this made me think so much and now i for sure know one thing: Getting out of my daily routine and live for a episode of time in another country :) And for sure, i want to have finished my apprenticeship :) successfully!!!! 
But also i am relatively sure i won´t work as a tax assistant my whole life or even afterwards the whole time ;) I just wanna have a not too confusing, difficult job, which offers me an interesting work surrounding and some diversity :) And a funny dream since my childhood is to work in a cafe or a bar or a restaurant as a service girl ;) Especially just a small cute vintage cafe in a big city would be some childhood dream ;) Haha when i was little i also always wanted to become postman :) Loved to bring letters to the receiver :DDDDD 
Did you also have some childhood faves? :D Just asking because i also wanted to become a princess ;) but this for sure is a typical girl thing right?
Me and my mum picking up Papas new audi in Ingolstadt :)
Wow what an experience i can tell you 
Wish you all now a great time :) Make the best out of it ;) I know you can and never forget what dreams you have every day okay :) xxxxxx Love ya


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