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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Carniiiival Time In Germany :) oder Faaaasching *_*

Helloooohelooooo hello again ;) 
So how is your 2018 going so far? =) Having some good or rather bad days? :) Hmmmm my days actually can be all in all seen neither the one nor the other.... Sooo should i start with the bad news? :) Okay so here we go... my cousin, who only is 12 years old was found out having leukemia and this all hit us very hard and we all hope he soon will be well again.... and this year things will also change for me again and i made the decision of again going into the clinic in which i was 2015/2016 for all in all winning this damn battle against anorexia..Lets see when the journey begins... 
my own creation which i made at my creative lesson :) 
Me and some friends at a faschingsball :D 

Hard words -hard meaning and so you may all are asking yourself, what so far went good for her in 2018? Hmmmmm there still are some things which make me hope for the future and having a nice life !!!!! In 2018 my family is moving to another village and my parents are building a house there, which looks so modern, comfy and wonderful!! Can´t believe it will be part of my future :) And also i still enjoy my job and even though taking a break from going to school, i will be able to finish it and stick to it! :) thanks to my employer :) Sooo and for my private life there also still is hope and i feel so great right now having such a fun time in Fasching :) celebrating, drinking, and doing stupid funny unreal things i totally enjoy soooo much :) Like getting dressed up and smiling, laughing, kissing, faking and sooo on... (Haha i know i am not a saint according to this topic)

I think a year ago or something i already wrote a blog about this topic carnival here in Bavaria, so this year it nearly is the same and i totally loooooove it and enjoying the simple moment is so much cooler than overhinking everything and think about those fucking things from the beginning of this post..... right? For sure! :) 

Oh and now a positive pic at the end: It finally snowed here sooo beautiful ;) even though it is cold, it looks so beautiful :) Thanks for still reading my blog it means the world to me xxx


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