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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Easter, the weather and other aches :S #the flu

Huhuuuuu my Bunnies :) 
Easter is coming faster and faster :D Haha no really i am not at all in any easter mood at all.... but no matter, for me it does not mean too much :) the only thing this year is, my birthday is 3 days before easter sunday so on Gr√ľndonnerstag this year :) (i googled it and in english it is called Maundy Thursday :D cool appellation) So this will be the only celebration thing for me i think mostly :) buuuut all the easter bunnies and chicken look so cute always :) 

Alsooo SPRING is kicking in here in Germany :) 2 weeks ago it was so fucking freezing, with like -22°C and now yesterday it was lovely with +17°C :) What a nice change :) 

Sooooo what is your favorite time of the year ? Is it the snowy and cold winter, with the beautiful snow layered landscape or more the warm, hot summer days and nights, you could spend outside in the sun? Or are you more the kind of person who loves when the nature comes back to life in spring after the long winter months? With all the snowdrops and daffodils creeping out of the ground just like now these days? :) Puuuh for me all i can definitively say is that i am not a kind of autumn person... For sure those golden autumn days with all the sprinkled and coloured leaves on the trees and the ground look just stunning and beautiful in the sun, but on those rainy, dusty (typical german :D) days in autumn all my mood goes down and i hate such weather :) But this is just me :) I love the nature right now and i llooooooooove and adore those hot summer days and nights when you could sit outside and enjoy the warmth :) 

Soooo now also i can add here, that i normally enjoy winter as well, with all the snow and the landscape glittering in the sun :) buuuuuuut 2 weeks ago the flu hit me so hard and i felt soooo sick :( haven't felt that bad since aaaaaages :( like i got everything at the same time: fever, headache, earache, sinus infection, baaaaaad coughs and sneezing all the time :( sooooooo obstinately :(S luckily this is over now i hope for a longer time now :) 
Wish you all a lovely week now honeys :) xxxxxxx


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