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Saturday, March 31, 2018

It´s ma birthday *_* and easter :DDD

Huhuuuuuu all you lovely ones :) 
how is the day? :) Are you all doing fine? :) I hope sooo :) 

On the 29th maaaarch was kinda a very special day for me :) It was my 23rd biiiirthday *_* Cheers to this :D 
I received some sooooo cute goods ;) Like some bluetooth over-ear headphones in rose gold and they work awesome :) Listening to good music can make you feel so much better even in worse times... :) And at this topic, I know what i am talking about :S Oh and also i got some wonderful pretty bracelets :) one in silver glitter and the other one also in rose which has engraved the saying : " Wherever your heart leads you" so gorgeous isn´t it? :D 
Oh i was so happy receiving so many wonderful birthday wishes from so many beloved people, this absolutely made my day :) Haha i also got a bunch of flowers which looks so pretty and just looking at it makes you feel better and more happy :) 

Soooo and now what else is on right now? Tomorrow is the 1st of april and this as well means Easter Sunday this year :) Do you celebrate easter in a special way? :) Do you also color eggs and bake some lambs ? =) Or do you have any other traditions which are important for you ? =) 
Sooooo for my next post i am still searching for some strategies of learning of how to deal with fear :( because this is a topic which really bothers me at the moment :) because getting rid of Miss Mager, makes some fears show up, which kind of seem very hard for me to deal with :) so if you know any good strategies, pleeeeease let me know ;)
So much for now, i wish everyone of you a nice and wonderful easter celebration with your beloved ones and simply a great time searching easter bunnies and eggs :) xxxxx