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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Get to know me A- Z :-*

Helloooo my lovelieeees ;) 
Aaaaas I have seen it on some of the amaaaaazing blogs I read, just like Izzy´s, Emmy´s, or Olivia´s,  I decided to post this bog challenge on my Nuuuuuutellarellaaaaaaaa Page, too ;) 
Hope you enjoy it ;) the answers sometimes maybe can get a bit weird I think because I am such a chatterboooox ;) <3

 A Attached or single? 
At the mooooment I would describe myself as siiiiiiingle ;) but I am of the opinion, that this can easily change very very fast, if you feel careless and open for everything and everybody ;) 

B Best friend? 

Hahaaa oh yeees the good old question about such so called best friends... :) I can definitively say that I had a real one along for about 7 years of school ;) but as I have already written in some previous post, this special friendship went down at our first year at uni together, mostly because of my illness and my behaviors ;) at first this cut really hurted me so much, but now I  am so convinced of the fact that it was absolutely needed to gain so much self confidence ;) So to answer this question honestly, momentaneously I don´t have  special friend like this, but therefore I noticed how many other important and caring people I have in my liiiiiiiiife :)

C Cake or pie?
Oh this is easy ;) definitively I prefer cakes ;) No, actually here in Germany simply cakes are so much more common than pies and I think this is one of the main reasons I more often get it and we also nearly only bake cake ;) of course an apple pie especially from Mr. Kipling is soooooolike food heaven *_*

D Day of Choice? 

This for sure is Friday, because the weekend lies in front of you and especially after doing your job or studies on this one, it feels sooososo good ;) you get such a feeling of freedom and fun ;) 

E Essential Item? 

OOOOOOOf course my mobile phone ;) without all my pics, contacts, and everything on it I would be so lost in my every day life ;) luckily I only lost it once and not more often ;)

F Favourite color? 

pink, black, apricot,....;)

G Gummy bears or worms? 

We mostly are used to have Gummy bears at hoooome, worms not so often ;) aaand I also love Lach-Gummi and Yoghurt Gums ;) 

H Hometown? 

A little village in Southern Germany in Bavaria, near Augsburg ;) 
I Indulgence? 

Puuuuh what does this word mean? =) hihiiii sorry for my bad english :D Aaaaah it means "Genuss", kind of pleasure ;)) 
Soooo an enjoyment for me always is driving my car :) or being on holiday with our mobile home or simply being on the way or traveling ;) I love to see new places and not being stressed at the same time ;)

J January or July? 

Definitively July (even though I enjoyed winter much more =)) nowadays I am such a summer girl ;) I enjoy lying in the sun and feeling the atmosphere of a sunny day ;) it always pushes my mood so much, because in winter it often is so foggy and dark in Germany and I hate this ;) makes me feel sad and so in summer the light is so much brighter and helps me staying happy ;) 
Also in July I often go on holidays and this is one of my fav things to dooo as you maybe already noticed hihii :)

K Kids? 

Äääh not at the moment, but later on I don´t really have any plans according to this :) I think it depends on how my life will continue and I´ll seeeeee :)

L Life is not complete without...? 

Friends, Family, Smiling, Coffee, Happy Days, Traveling...

M Memory you cherish? 

Ooooh there are so many of them which I never ever in my life will forget *_* one of the most wonderful memories I have was my holiday with my family to the west coast of the USA in 2013;) such an amaaaaazing, breathtaking trip which I would immediately do again ;) also I remember so many wonderful holidays in our mobile home to places like Ireland, GB, Sweden, Italy, France, Norway,.... Also my abi trip to Greece was amaziiiing and the trip to Ibiza with my friends in the same year ;) Also I cherish so many childhood memories like sleigh riding in winter, swimming in the Freibad in summer, .....All of these mean so much to me ;) 

N Number of brothers and sisters? 

I have a younger sister, she is 18 now ;) 
O Oranges or apples? 

Puuuh hard question, because I like both, but a few years I was allergic to apples so I enjoyed them afterwards more and I also think I rather prefer them in general ;)

P Pet peeves? 

Soorry guys, I absolutely don´t understand what this means??? :( 

Q Quote? 

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start again!

R Reasons to smile? 

I have so many things which I can be thankful for and which always make me smile ;) to be honest, one of the main reasons to smile is being alive every single day: again and again ;) simply this is a reason itself for smiling, don´t you think? ;) 
Then there are so many other reasons why I smile:getting told something funny, going out with friends, having a nice talk, ..... ;) sooo many different things and most of all the reasons which make me smile is that I have so many loving people around my who honestly care and this makes me feel so happy :)

S Season of choice? In my opinion every season is nice and I always look for the different one, if we have one ;) so in winter there comes a point when I wish for summer and the other way round, too ;) but autumn isn´t the most likely to me, but I love spring and summer the most I think ;) 

T tea or coffee? Coffeeeeeeee!! ;) I am definitively coffee addicted I think, ooooops ;)

U Unknown fact about me? 

Puuuh hard one... I am such a hobbledehoy (googled this word and it means, I am making such funny mistakes time by time about which other think I am crazy ;)) hihiii ;) no what I mean is that it happens that I do such funny things without really being aware of them ;) I also love doing jokes about myself ;) 

V Vegetable? 

I absolutely looooove veggies ;) like tomatoes are my favorites, but also all kind of cabbage, gherkins, carrots, zucchini, champignons, onions,......

W Worst habit? 

Being too late and not getting it managed to be ready at a set point =) 
Hahaaaa and of course being addicted to NUTELLA 

X X-ray or ultra-sound? 

No idea what those could mean ;) soooryy :D

Y Your favourite trip? 

Ireland, West Coast of USA, Portugal, Scotland, Wales, England, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Greece, Ibiza, Croatia, Sardegna,... soo many :)

Z Zodiac Sign? Sorry I as well don´t know what this means :)

Hooooooooope you guys will like it ;) I am just trying this out now for the first time and maybe more will foolllooooow ;) what do you think? =) 
Have a lovely week ;) 


  1. Hey Ange!! I hope your arm is slowly on the mend!! It seems everyone is doing this post today, maybe I should too :) I loved this post Ange!! It is great knowing a little more about the person behind the blog :)
    Hope you are doing well!!
    Lots of love Livvy xoxox

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeey Livvy ;) so glad to hear from youuuuuuu :) hope everything is fine? and you are doing well and enjoy spending your time? :)
    Oh yeees my arm is definitively getting so much better by times now ;)I am now already able to put down the bandage =) and slowly the power returns into it ;)
    Hahaaa YES you should definetivrly do it on your own blog, too ;) I really would love to read this :) aaand by the way it is really fun to do, too =) soooo hope you are fine ;) lots and lots of looove from Germany ;) xxx

  3. I love this little list and all these interesting facts about you. And I used to be similar as in being late often, hahaha!! It can be so hard to be somewhere on time right? :)

    1. Awww *_* thaaaanks so much Olivia, I am sooo glad you liked it ;) Your cute little list is sooo nice as well :) really enjoyed reading it :) Hahaa oh yes definitively :D I am such a late one always, so it is nearly impossible for me for example reaching my train or something like this :D Hihii according to this there exists such a funny story... =D

  4. <3 I loved this so so much hun it really made me chuckle reading this heehee ;) you are just so cute and fun hun <3 i absolutely LOVED the worst hait of eating nutella hun heeheehee ;) mine should have been being a hot chocaholic, wouldn't you agree hun? ;) xxx

    1. Hihiiii *_* huunnii I am so glad it made you smile :DD I loved your one so much as well :) I think we are similar in so many ways, right? ;)
      Oh my worst habit oh yes, this is definitively true :) Omg, such a cute name and it would absolutely perfectly suiiiit your worst habits :) hahaa this is great :) love it =)

  5. just back home Angeee :), couldnt wait to read your new blog .... really nice writing :). Zodiac sign is your star sign you are an Aries .... or as we call them 'Widder' .... like my own star sign :) and remember what Aries stand for ... most of all - NEVER GIVING UP ... but also a little bit edgy ( kantig ), loyal and head strong ...oh ja and you better don't mess with them. Was lovely to see you all ..... take care and keep going up the hill xxx

    1. Awww Tina *_*greaaaat to hear you arrived well :) thaaaanks so much for checking out my blog :) feels great =)
      Oh this is supercool to know :) heheeee and it definitively suuuiiits us both perfectly don´t you think? =) us and Opa, too :) we all have our edges and can sooooometimes be a bit stubborn buuut you are also so right in the fact of never giving up and fighting :)
      Yeees, it was so nice seeing you again and I hope you are having a good time now being back hooome :) xxx