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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aaaaaah my sis is 18 :) Kiddiiiii pics of me *_*

Helloooooouuu my Sweeties :)*_*
First of all I am so sorry for being online so less, but this 3 weeks are kind of a bit stressy for me :( soooo many f*** tests :) two practical ones (basketball and little games) in sport, one in German as Foreign Language (my main subject) and yesterdaaay I did Spanish and German :) UUUUUUUff but then it waaaas PARTY TIME :-*
Hahaaa my sis is going to be 18 today and we were throwing a party for her ;) Oh it was so fun, believe me :) a little party never killed nobody.... :) haaaaa and I am fit again today :) no excuse for not eating properly ;) soooooooo I take this as a reason for telling you also that I gaaaaaained and I am so happy with it ;) never believed, but I am feeling so good and energetic at the moment :) it really pushes me that I am able to focus on my studies, which I wasn´t able last summer.... :( so sad, but now agaaaain: the only way is up!!!!! ;) I am so motivated =) 

so but actually I wanted to take this as a chance to show you some pics of me of when I was little ;)) (because a lovely reader asked for it =)) I feel so good about it ;) On those, there was not even the smallest thought of Miss Mager imaginable :) so let´s forget about her now, too :) ENJOY ;) 
So first of all this is me: (wasn´t I cute? =))

Aaaaand here you can see my whole family :) 
And especially for my sisters 18th here is a pic of us toooo ;) Happy Birthday Susi!!!! (For those who can guess: I am the BIIIIIG sister on the left :)) 
Hope you all have a Nutellarelladaaaaaay :) 
Love u xxx


  1. Awww youre and your sister are so cute!

    1. Hiihiiii *_* thaaaank you so much Olivia ;) this is so niiiice of you =)

  2. Nawww!! Sooo cute xD
    Have fun at that party!! Got to look after your body well with lost of yummy party food!! :)
    Keep it up Ange , aww the pics are soooo cute!!
    Lots of love
    Livvy xoxox

    1. *_____*
      So looooovely, thaaaank you :) It was a great time, and we had a Barbie Cake which was meant to be a gag, I maybe put a foto of it in here, what do you think? :)
      Thaaanks again and I hope you are doing well Livvy :)

  3. Awwwwwwww both of you are so cute! Goshhh you looked adorable in that white gown :D Thank you for this post, i enjoyed it so much :) and congratulation for gaining weight. Hope you stay motivated!!!

    1. Heeeeeey H!!! Sooo glad to hear from you again!!;) :-* really makes me happy reading such a sweet comment:) thaaanks Si much;) hihiii I loved this dress too as well as the faaar too big shoes of my mum:D Hooope everything is fine with you and you are doing well;) if you have any struggles simply let me know and contact me, I am always trying to motivate you all!:) Lots of love xxx