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Monday, April 13, 2015

Moooooonday Motivation :)

Goooood aaaafternoon my loveliiiies :)

Today I just thought about motivating you a little bit for the upcoming week, because today I also could have had this in need ;) 
Uniiiii started again :( don´t really know how to feel about it in general, but I made the best out of my day there  :) Eating is going to be a little bit more flexibel this week, because I have a new time/term paper and I will have to rearrange my habits with it :) buuuuuut never loose positivity ;) I am sure I will be able to manage it ;) I feel positive about it ;) I simply have to ;) 
So today I had my lunch already at 10.30, because I wanted to eat it with mum and my snack at nearly one o´clock ;) soooo happy I made it ;) 
I know some of you may think this is weird, that I am proud of having eaten it on my own and especially at this time, but for being a girl at uni, I have to be NORMAL and it felt so normal doing it this way and being more flexibel with my eating habits :) 
Hihiiii so proud girl over here :) Hahaa I am sorry, but as you already might have figured out I am a bit crazy by times :D 
So I wish all of you a great and sunny time (hahaaaaa spring starts finally to come in ;)) I am such a fan of the weather getting warmer and better ;) 

Seiiiiiiiiize the day and make the best out of it :) *_*


  1. Im glad the you are making sure you eat enough even though uni has started again, :) i know it can be hard to fit all your meals into a busy schedule but it sounds like you are doing a great job, you should be proud of yourself! I usually eat my meals at the same times each day (every three hours) because this is when I get hungry and my body wants food but it is good to be more flexible when you need to be. I hope uni is going well. Talk soon <3 karly xx

    1. Awwww thank you so so much Karly =) *_* this comment is really lovely and such a helpful advice for me as well ;) because I think you are so right by eating at these regular times, at which your body craves for something to eat ;) especially in recovery it is so much important your body does not takes anything away from you because of staying hungry :)
      So I as well normally will try to stay in a normal rhythm, but being a student (a NORMAL one) means as well being flexible and this in my opinion is also a part of gaining health back (mentally and physically=)) right? ;)
      So thaaaaaanks again so much ffor this tip =) I love chatting to you hunni ;) <3 it always is such a pleasure to get to know how other fighters are handling eating ,) Lots and lots of Love xxx Ange