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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Buuuuuuuuucket List :-*

Hey my cuuuuute honey bees :) <3

Soooooooorry for the whole lack of posting (I hope you don´t leave my blog because of this :(), but I had all my tests in the last week and now I finally passed my laaaaaast one *_* yeeeey

So but now back to blogging, so today I simply felt a bit like writing down my goals in life or my buuuuucket list :) you know, things you wanna do or see before you are dead :) I hoope you like it ;) And I thought of adding new things to it by times and crossing out the old ones, if I finally was able to do them :) 

  • Love myself and see the real ME by looking in the mirror 
  • Overcome anorexia and beat Miss Mager once for all time
  • Find the love of my life
  • Travel around the whole world once in my life
  • Get my first salary
  • Sleep on the back of a truck under the stars
  • Own a beach house 
  • Go on a road trip through the USA
  • Have a candle light dinner 
  • Go camping in a van or with a tent
  • Make holidays in a resort or club hotel
  • Own my own flat and arrange it just the way I like it 
  • Kiss someone in the rain
  • Get a university degree (preferably in my studying subject)
  • Go to a festival
  • Get totally drunk
  • Meet my blogging friends from all over the world
  • Live a term in a foreign country
  • Float in the death sea or swim in an natural pool
  • Go backpacking or make interrail
  • Serve in a restaurant or work as a waitress 
  • Have a five-course meal at a restaurant


Would you have any suggestions for me to add to my list? =) I would really be happy to expand it a little bit :) 
Soooo I hope you all have a lovely lovely Saturday now and enjoy life to its fullest! I wish all the happiness to you! 


  1. Your bucket list is amazing! I hope you can slowly and surely get through the list and start ticking them off! Wouldn't it be great to meet each other, that would be one to tick off the list! Hope you're ok, I've missed youuuuuuu! So glad to see you back! Take care xoxox

    1. Oh this is so lovely of you to say *_* Aaaaaaaaaw your words are just tooooo cute Annie :) I am so happy to read from you <3 really makes me happy :) Oh yes meeting each other would be such an amazing and stunning experience I think :) probably we can make it happen? :) hehee ;)