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Thursday, July 30, 2015

What we all maybe have in common?! :)

Huuhhuuuuuu my honeys *_* 
Here I am back again ;) after three full days of listening and listening and listening in uni :) Oh I can tell you, only talking about ONE subject (which was teaching in a full day school ;)) can be so boring :) and only being in the same room the whole day, too :( 
I simply am that kind of person who needs more distraction and diversity I think :) writing about what today? Oh right something which always bothered and I was confused about is the fact, that so so many of us, who suffer from an ED have jobs in the educational, pedagogical and caring sector :) I don't know if this anyhow is a true fact, but especially on Instagramm I see so many many young people who suffer from any form of an ED who work for example as a nurse, psychologist, teacher, tutor or meedicin :) 
Self-Care #quotes 
So what do all those have in common? They care for other people and their well-being :) so this is something I really think is interesting :) they all care for others, but at last or not in any form for themselves :( they want others to be fine and treated good and equal, but suffer in their own bodies and nurish it incompletely :( WHY? :( I absolutely have no idea..... I mean I personally can tell from my experience, that I simply am that kind of person who wants that others are happy, no matter what I can do for achieving it :) I also reflect all the dissatisfaction of somebody else on me ;) I truly don't know why, but I always think it is my fault that someone is unhappy or discontent :( 
So my cuties something we really have to learn in life is to focus so much more on ourselves! What we truly want and reach!! Nobody else lives your life for you and nobody else suffers if you don't nourish yourself right :( it only is you! So take care for your body :) 
YOur body should be a place in which your soul enjoys to live! 
Love u all so much and I wish you a lovely lovely day now :) 


  1. It is so easy to care for others and not care about ourselves, I think that is definitely something we with EDs have in common. You're on to something there Ange!!! Your words are so wise, I wish we could all listen to you and take your words on board and change ourselves for the better! Hope you are doing ok! Xoxox

    1. Oh yes absolutely *_* I truly think this is something which is so typical :) and there are so many many other things we probably share according to this damn illness :( like strict behaviors or stupid habits :( we really should never give up going against them :)
      Awwww <3 your words are just too lovely towards myself Annie ;) they make me so happy thaaaaank you so much :-* hope you are fiiiiiiine :) <3 xxx