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Thursday, July 2, 2015

A few mixed and muddled thoughts and happenings ;) Summer arrives!!!!! *_*

Hellooooooo my Sweeties :)

I hope you are all doing fiiiiiiiine and enjoying the weather :) OMG summer now finally arrived here in Germany and this makes me so so unbelievably happy I can tell you :) Today it is about 30° and I am in love with it ;) ultimately I am able to lay down in the sun and get some taaaaaan *_* which I definitively need to get, I am so pale at the moment :)

Omg I now have to tell you about two little bit strange happenings which happened to me yesterday when I was at university :)
First I met a girl, who told me she comes from Iran (and only talked english by the way =)), who wanted to get a few tips from me of how she could be able to loose some weight :( First I was visibly shocked, but she always wanted to know more and more about me and my story, like how I was overweight and how I look now and in the end it tantamount into that she gave me tips of how I could be able to eat more :8 I really was confused about what to think about this, because is it still that obvious that I have an illness? :( yes, it definitively is..... :( especially now it is more visible, because wearing of me wearing tops, tshirts and short trousers and hot pants :(
Oh daaaaamn.... :(
The other strange happening followed ONLY two hours later, and I promise this is no lie!
I was just sitting in the coffee shop of our university and looking into my mobile, when a red haired girl came up to me and sad with a kind of uncomfortable and shy expression: "I already noticed you a few days ago, but I may ask you a strange question. But why are you so thin? " And this was the moment my face slipped away :D I could´t believe it and in the first moment I absolutely didn´t know what to answer her and I wasn´t aware of what she actually wanted to get to know from me by asking this.... :) but I was completely thinking wrong, because I thought she only wants to criticize me :( because she only wanted to have some company and was interested of how I tick in my head :) So I told her a bit about everything and she just wanted to be a nice company I think :) Oh haha by the way she originally comes from England haha :)
SOoooooo these two happenings again shuck me up and made me think a lot about my appearance to others and how thin I really am :(
So tooooday was also the day I went with my mum, sis, aunt, and cousin to a typical German Biergarten (it was so lovely sitting outside under all the trees and enjoying the warm temperatures =)) and I ordered (being the ONLY one at our table) a Bavarian Wurstsalat :) in a restaurant!!!! And as I knew I was glanced and stared by the people next to our desk, I somehow funnily felt proud ;) and I wanted to show what I can and aaaaaate =) 

So here now I just wanted to share some summery pics from our garden and some other stuff 
1. The view from our garden sitting place, especially in summer I love spending the evenings outside sitting here and watching the sundown ;)
2.Some flowers in our garden, which I looooove *_* 
3.hahaa I went cherry picking last week, this is something what I absolutely love and enjoy 
Wish you all a lovely evening my Cuties ;) hope to hear from you sooooon ;) 


  1. That is so strange that two people came up to you and commented on your appearance. Maybe they were concerned about you and how thin you are still? It must have been such a strange experience for you! Those pictures are gorgeous, I love the flowers and the cherries they look so cheerful! You take care and look after yourself lots! Stay strong xxxx

    1. Oh yeeees *_* you are so right, I also felt so confused about it, beliiiiieve me :) I didn't really know at the first moment what to tell them, because in some way I felt discomforting, but then I realized they do not want to hear anything negative of me, they just honestly were interested :( Aaaaaw *_* thanks Annie, such lovely words make me feel so good and mean so much toooo me <3
      I hope you are doing well huuuun <3
      Sunny sunny greetings xxx