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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heeeeelp needed :)

Huhuuuuu my bunnies :)

Soooo don´t worry, nothing too serious ;) 
I juuuust thought of why not asking you about this topic my dears ;) 
Hahaa I have to admit to all of you, as you all know now, I study primary school teaching with main subject "german as a second and foreign language" ;) and according toooo this, I have to practice three language courses in another language next to German, English and French :) So I decided to go for SPANISH ;) and in the first term I already passed the first one of these, but I struggled with the second one last year and failed with it :( uuuuups...
So now in this term I am offered the chance of redoing and repeating it!!! *_* 
Hihiii so here it goes now, as I am really struggling I think by doing some grammar and general practicing the whole language, I wanted to ask if there is anyone of my readers who loves talking spanish or is originally from Spain or living there ;) 
Hablas español?
Maybe anyone of you would like to have a little bit of chatting with me in spanish for helping me to get a little bit more used to the whole language ;) 
Because you all know: Learning by doing ;) and this would be the way I would try to do it ;) 
Soooooo if there would be anyone, I woooooooould be so so glad ;) simply contact me here on my blog or per maaaail ;)
Thaaaaank you so much my Loveliiiies <3 
Gracias por su ayuda ;) 


  1. I'd be more than happy to chat to you in Spanish! I help prepare classes to teach Spanish, and I'm supposed to be going to uni next year to do a degree in Spanish. Let me know how I can help you! Podemos hablar español!! xxxx

    1. OMG *_* reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaallly? Oh this would be so super duper coooooool hun :) I can´t believe you are actually really doing this next year as well and you do already give people support in spanish :) wow, this would be great ;) maybe I should write you an email or you write one to me huun? ;)
      Thaaanks already in advance :)
      xxx No puedo esperar ;) hope this is right? ;) hihiii

    2. Yayyy! Send me an email to and I'll write back to you and we can have a little chat in Spanish if you like! I really hope I can help you out! No puedo esperar is right yayy go you! XXx

    3. Ohhh this is so wonderfuuuuul and nice of you :) <3 Oh wooow, this really makes me happy and I try to send you one as soon as possible ;) it always takes me so much time of translating what I actually want to say in Spanish hahaa ;)
      xxx thaaaaank you so so much in advance ;)