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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gueeeeeeeeeeeees who bought a new jar of Nutella today? :-*

Hey my Cuuuties :)
Hahaa I guess you are right: It is THIS girl over here in rainy dusty Germany :D (OMG by the way this jar looks so cute, because it is a special edition with the cuuuute little peanuts and Snoopy on it *_*)
I have the second one from the left with cuuuutie Snoopy and Woodstock

Sooo this is a kind of random post about how my life is going at the moment and how my plans for the future are :) Hopefully you don´t think this is boring, but I just feel like a little bit of babbling today ;) 


Yes it truly is and you can´t truly enjoy your life and be happy when you are underweight, with no power and a meal plan which you have to follow... This is something nobody ever will be able to convince me from :( not even myself... I think in fact in recovery YOU are your worst enemy and you have to make sure every day you are able to convince yourself that you are doing the wrong thing by staying this way!!!!!
And this is something I truly want: A life where nobody has to remind me of how much I have to eat and what is wrong and right for me :) So this at the moment is something I really have to get clear thoughts about, because yesterday I sent in one of my essays from my studies and became unsure again if I will be able to really work as a teacher in my future and if it is really the thing I wanna do in my life..... I don´t know my honeybees at the moment all I have to do is focussing on getting as fast as possible out of this underweight phase in my life and then I will be able to decide what will be right for me according to my profession... but this is all just so confusing to me--------- :( 

So guys it is time to live in the now and not in the maybe or the future, live right now and focus on what you have to do at the moment :) and in my case this is getting healthy!!!! For having and enjoying a real life withoout any more thoughts about stupid Miss Mager (she only is an imagination guys!!!) Restricting is no option, food is fuel: Every day again and again!!! 
So GOOD NIGHT MY HONEYBUNNIES *_* sending you some good night kisses and I hope you made today a good day and enjoyed your life ;) 


  1. Food is fuel for the lovely Ange!! You need and deserve it and are so worth it - remember that always. One little bite at a time and you will get better, I promise you. Munch on Ange xxxxx

    1. Hehee this is so cuuute Annie *_* thank you so much for being such a looooovely friend to me ;) And I hope so much that by times it truly will get easier and one day Miss Mager only will be a whisper in our heads ;) We have to take it step by step hun <3 xxx Huuuuug you

  2. We always have to remember that we are worth to live a beautiful life without pain and fear. Together we will win, for me it is so hard at the moment, because after two beautiful days the voice in my head returned and the punishment is worse than ever before. Giving up seems to be easier, but I have to force myself to keep on tack. Good luck to you, I stand by your side, Maria

    1. Oh thaaaaank you so much for keeping me motivated Maria!! :) I am so so sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment and it makes me so sad ;) because you are such a strong girl and I believe so much in you and I am so proud of you for not giving in to the voice even though it is hard ;) you can do it ;) I have so much faith in you and if you need someone to talk to, you know you can always chat to me ;) I always have an open ear for all of you :) <3 Sending you as much strength as possible ;;) xxx Ange