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Monday, September 14, 2015

Reminder: Who is ANGE?

Heeeey my cutieeeeeepies :)
It´s me agaaaaaaaaaain!!!!!!!!! But wait: is this really the Ange I wanna be? Or am I just wishing and pretending to be that gal? :( 
No, today I definitively thought of remembering and reminding myself of WHO so truly is me? The real ANGE=) Not a fake skinny, pale version of her!!! 

Beeeecause in reality and real life she is......
....a girl who loves to be happy and smiles about so many many things 
... someone who is thankful for having the life she lives at the moment: every day agaiiin
...a person who easily enjoys making jokes and conversations and hardly can shut up her 
   mouth from babbling and talking
...who would die for a holiday: no matter where
.... who just lives for beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean and the sea, 
     shopping, chilling, eating, old castles, new routes, small cottages, huuuuge cliffs, strong    
     waves, breezer, short trousers, greeeeen fields, tiny roads, spooky houses, beautiful 
     flowers, colorful houses, friendly people, open arms, deep hugs, honest smiles and true
... a girl who gives a damn on what other people think of her!
....someone who never wanted to be part of anything super duper in community
...a person who enjoys eating sweet stuff 
...someone who never wanted/tried to be the best in anything or any competition
...a gal who is honest and has no reason to cheat

...who actually just wants to be herself!!!!!! That is what she always wanted and lost herself 
   on the way of getting there ;) Sadly but true........
But I promise you my readers, I will do everything that will be necessary for becoming this girl again ;) even though on some parts of my journey the way seems so dark and all goals seem unreachable, I never will allow myself to give up on becoming this strong girl again ;) Always remember your roots! 

Because always keep in mind: God gave the hardest battles to his strongest warriors ;) 
So let´s fight together my sweeties ;)
Love u all and wish you a nice evening ;) 


  1. You forgot to say - a girl who loves Nutella!!!! Hehehehe! I just love the girl you are, you're a breath of fresh air hunnie! Hope you're doing ok xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hahaaaaa you are so riiight :) Oh I just had to laugh so hard reading your unbelieeeevably sweet comment here <3 Omg,, this is so lovely :D you go girl :) Sending you so much love huuuni :-* xxx

  2. You are such a wonderful person, with a beautiful soul, with a heart of gold. I would love to have such an amazing friend who helps me to fight against the most terrifying monster called anorexia. You are so brave and strong, keep on fighting!
    Love, Maria

    1. Oh wow, what a lovely and gorgeous comment :-* this is so nice of you to say :) and of course you can add me as a friend Maria :) I am always here if you wanna talk :) you are truly motivating me so thank you so sooooo much :) xxx Lots of loooove