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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Intention: NO more cheating :)

Hey cuuuuties and sweeties from everywhere you are :) 
Again and again you always keep telling yourself you will recover one day and not any more have any ill thoughts or constraints... But for this, I today noticed again that something has to change... You have to do something to make things change!!!

Because only wishing and not changing anything about the current situation will never get you anywhere near your goals .... :) SO according to this, I am starting with this as well (as I want to be a good role model for you hahaaa :D) I am definitively nobody to look up to :) I am fighting with you and we are all sitting in the same shit ;)
One important step in the right direction, which you always also have to choose for yourself is making different intentions, which you HAVE to try to fulfill :) 
So to make a good impression towards you and maybe also help you also making some new intentions, I am making one as well: No more cheating guys :) 

So what do I mean by saying this? Cheating on someone you love is probably one of the worst things you can do in life.. But I did/do this, because my ED makes me doing it.. :( I know for so many this may sound weird, but in some situations, maybe most likely if I get stressed out or something like this, I cheat!!! I do not mean things like kissing another guy or cheating in a game with cards or something like this... 

What I mean by giving this intention to myself: 
- No more hiding of ANY kind of food
- No more lying towards changing anything -> Changes have to be fulfilled and real
- No more secretly buying ED-related foods (if I need something I can admit that I bought it)
- Reducing those things which are bad for me: Sweetener and chewing gum
- No more cheating/cheating/cheatingandcheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well done Ange, afterall by cheating you are only hurting yourself. Xx stay strong and keep fighting gorgeous.x

    1. Ahhh hey Karly :) thank you so so much for keeping me motivated again and again ;) and I think this is so true: I am the only one who is suffering by cheating... So this definitively has to stop!!! :)
      Hope you are fiiiiiine my deeear :) <3

  2. I'm so proud of you for deciding to do this! It just proves how strong and motivated you are to change, and I really believe in you that you can and will not cheat. You can do it Ange!!!!!! Just stay strong and keep fighting and keep reminding yourself of your intentions. Take care, can't wait to hear how you get on with this and we'll all look up to you in awe! Xxxxx


    Take a look at this'll love it! XXX

    1. Omg your words are motivating me so so much Annie *_* thaaaank you so much for believing in me :) having such an incredible support feels so amazing to me :) And I will keep up to doing this, I promise!!
      Oh hahaa I had to laugh so hard having a look at the link you sended over here :D This is such a brilliant idea of how to eat Nutella ;) I definitively have to look for some of them ;) what do you think can I get them at Amazon? ;) Heheee
      Love uuu hun xxx

    2. I will always believe in you lovely Ange!!

      Haha I thought you'd like it!! I looked on Amazon for you but I can't find them :-( You'll have to bake some yourself...experiment!!!!!!
      Love you toooo